January 15, 2012

Once in a Full Moon

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Obviously I cheat on my Kindle Fire and still pick up a couple of old fashioned hard bounds. There's just something magical about the sound of cracking a book open and the feel of flipping crisp pages between your fingers.

This is Schreiber's Werewolf novel and as far as the myth goes, there's nothing different. The usual can be read: uncontrollable change in a full moon, turned into a Were from a bite, Werewolf blood was passed on. Schreiber subscribed to the generic Werewolf myth which is fine and safe.

Of course being a YA novel there is a love triangle involved between a beauteous and popular high school girl, Celeste, and her heartthrob jock boyfriend Nash, and the new mysterious and dark kid, Brandon. Celeste found a convenient excuse to dump Nash who she has been crushing on and dating for quite some time in favor of bad boy Brandon. Again there's nothing special about these three that we haven't read in other YA novels.

I haven't read Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series but I'm assuming that it's better than this one. It's a quick read but I just didn't warm up to any of the characters. Celeste is like your typical popular girl who have the looks, friends and guy but chose to trade it all for Brandon. The newbie with an air of mystery and danger about him, literally since he's a Werewolf.

Brandon and Nash and the rest of their clique fall into stereotypes too. The twist, which happened at the end of the book, is Brandon is on the verge of being discovered as a Werewolf and I'm assuming that Magic of the Moonlight will be about Brandon's transformation. 

I think I'll go check Vampire Kisses, maybe Ellen's fanged friends are more entertaining.

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