January 3, 2012

The Magic Touch

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So my odyssey on doing some serious damage on my free books pile has officially begun and I decided to start with a short story to ease me into this daunting task.

The Magic Touch is about a messed up fairy godmother, Ambrielle, who decided to take a more active role in the life of her ward, Danny. See, Ambrielle's record is not exactly stellar, in fact she's under probation because of a series of mishaps that obviously contradicts her role as a fairy godmother. Danny is sort of her make-or-break case, he just broke up with his long-time girlfriend that Ambrielle wants him to get back together with and she also wants him to get fired from his current job to make way for something better. But of course Danny is a skeptic after all fairy godmothers are not real right?

This is one funny story and Ambrielle is this tenacious godmother who really won't stop until she gets the ending right with Danny. I give this 4 stars and not only because it's free but because of the hilarity of it all. Amrbielle's antics in trying to get Danny fired are just LOL moments and I could just imagine Danny's ordeal as he goes through that day, talk about Murphy's law! I kept picturing a dark-haired Kristen Wiig as Ambrielle that even made it funnier in my head.

So I urge you to go ahead and "buy" this on Amazon and laugh with the rest of us.


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