January 5, 2012

The Legend of Victor Standish

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When Roland sent us an email for a book review request I felt flattered and excited for two reasons: New Orleans and night crawlers. After reading the book, I felt like he downplayed his introduction because it was surprisingly rousing.

The Legend of Victor Standish is like a talent show of sorts in the sense that there is a smorgasboard of [in]famous characters that joined the action from Abigail Andrews to Harry Houdini among others. I'm assuming that these characters are Roland's favorites and/or have fascinated him at some point. Reading his interpretation of these departed historical figures sure was fun.

It's non-stop action, no dull moments and Victor is a perfect hero. He's alone, almost an orphan, melleable but at the same time resilient. I found it funny that Victor unexpectedly fell inlove with Alice Wentworth, a ghoul, on their first meeting in Marie Laveau's crypt. I was telling myself "this is madness!' the entire time the scene was unfolding. Their love story is far from the depressing YA-inlove-with-the-undead-read. I found myself LOL at their adventures together and Alice being a Victorian lady, delivered the drama if you're into that stuff.

The story is fresh and it's fun to read a story from a guy's perspective. It doesn't have the melodramatic stamp that seems to be a standard on most books written by female authors and that certainly worked on Mr. Yeomans favor. It's just a bit challenging catching up with who and what they do but it helps that most of the characters are household names.

Thank you Mr. Yeomans for letting us read this and we wish you the best with Victor and Alice.


  1. Awesome review hon. I heard about this book a few weeks back actually. I didn't think this was a YA book though LOL! But non-stop action and it doesn't seem like there is any love triangles, I am definitely checking this out LOL! Great review again hon, thank you ;)

  2. Yup it was surprisingly good. It's like a montage of famous characters and yes, no love triangle!

  3. Thanks so much for your take on Victor and Alice. Their minds merged by the crypt of Marie Laveau, courtesy of who Victor's mother really is.

    My best friend tells me it is a literary equivalent of an Indiana Jones movie -- no dull spots, only action and humor.

    Thank you for letting me see my novel through your eyes!

  4. Mr. Roland - I thought you forgot about us! I love Alice and Victor and how devoted they are to each other despite the fact that they haven't known each other that long. When they say "misery loves company" I guess to an extent it's applicable to these two but it only resulted to happiness and unconditional love.

    It was a pleasure reading your work, we need more male authors like you. We voracious readers need a break from all the tear-jerkers and highly emotional situations that one usually find in most novels.

  5. ...thanks so much, Talk Supe, for an entertaining review of perhaps Roland's greatest creation, in Victor Standish.

    Well done!



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