January 24, 2012

Hades a Halo Novel

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Never love that which you cannot keep

- Lucifer to Arakiel (aka Jake Thorn)

Don't deal with the devil if you can't handle it

- Jake to Bethany

I always wanted to read a story about an angel and a devil defying the odds and trying to have a relationship of sorts. And finally I found a book that did that... or a version of it at least.


That is the best way to describe my Hades reading experience.

Bethany was tricked and kidnapped by Jake Thorn and dragged her to hell. Jake or Arakiel is one of the Original Fallen and presides over the third circle of Hell (Gluttony in Dante's Divine Comedy). And Gabriel being one of the most formidable Archangel and Beth's brother can't just go charging in Hell unless he wants to kick start Armageddon. And who wants that?

I DO! Adornettos Angels & Fallen are true to what we grew up with and a war would be epic.

So here's where my frustration started. Angels being goody-goody always follow the rules so of course I'd like to see a throwdown between the mighty Arcs vs. Papa Luce, as they fondly refer to him in Hell. So the Arcs need to find a loophole and with the help of Michael they found it.

Next Jake is just a cunning MoFo who uses and exploits Bethany. It's a given but reading how he almost gets away with it is still irritating.

I can also feel Xavier's frustration rolling off of me. Suffice to say that he's a human caught in the middle of divine business so to speak. What can his humanity do to help improve the situation? Yup, not much.

I have to force myself to put the book down and catch some Z's at 2am with 30 pages left. And it took a LOT of will power to do that.

This series is just extraordinary. I love Adornetto's love triangle, Beth & Xavier period and Jack wants to add a comma somewhere. It's one of the best YA series I've read so far, the tone of emotions are more matured and the motives more rational than its counterparts. Which is probably the reason why I wasn't annoyed. My frustration stems from the near-impossible situations that the protagonists find themselves in.

So the book ends with this weird cliffhanger but I'm thinking that Jake is still trying to manipulate things, I'm pretty sure we haven't heard the last of Mr. Thorn. There's just something very off about the whole thing.

Heaven, the final book in the series and have a tentative release date on August 21, 2012.


  1. I have Halo but it's still sitting snug in my bookshelf. I think I want to read both books together for momentum. Hehe..throw down between mighty Arcs and Papa Luce...I'm not understanding but sounds like it would be fun.


  2. Better wait for Heaven so you won't be waiting for the ending. Well you know how it is with these Angel stories, Archangels threatening war with the Devil himself and for some reason something stops it. So for once, I'd like to have a final showdown at least in the book world. lol


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