January 27, 2012

Gush and Gripe

We would like to invite you, fellow bloggers, to join our event called Gush or Gripe, the perfect spot to just let it all out.

How does it work?

Grab the picture and the button.

Gush & Gripe Talk Supe Original

On the last day of the month we just Gush about things, people and/or stuff that fascinated us. And to balance things out, we can also Gripe about irritating events and what not that dampened our mood.

You can also just Gush if you're having a fantastic month or just Gripe if the past couple of days just puts the toilet to shame.

You can talk about books, movies, events, a song or any other
subject that resonated with you in some way.

No limit to the things you want to talk about.

And lastly, we encourage each and everyone to be "clean" and creative in expressing your superlative emotions.

Now pass it on and we hope you'll join us and we'd love to hear what you'll be Gushing or Griping about. Just sign up below and copy/paste the graphic above.

See you on the 31st for our first Gush and Gripe!

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