January 22, 2012

Downpour a Greywalker Novel

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Harper Blaine just can't get herself out of trouble. Just when you thought she'll have it easy doing pre trial work, she gets herself entangled in a mytical lake, Chinese demons and powerful sorcerers.

I enjoyed this book but I'm sad that KRichardson is slowly weaning us off of Ben and Mara Danziger. I guess Mara primarily never really recovered from the whole Alfred incident in Underground followed by Ben almost dying in Labyrinth, she must have been really traumatized and finally decided to distance herself from Harper. We're reading less and less of them and it made me sad because I really like those characters.

I also worried that aside from the Danziger, I though I'll lose Quinton too! For a minute I thought Quinton is going to break up with Harper, good thing they ended up mated, and as a Quinton fan, I am glad that he really stuck it out with Harper. They are a good match especially now that Q cleaned up. I always have a soft spot for geeks.

As always the action is consistent with the previous Greywalker novels and KRichardson is fond of including other mythologies into the story. I wonder what Seawitch is about? Will it be like Pirates of the Carribean or will it have Viking/Norse myths this time?

Speaking of, the seventh book in the series, Seawitch is scheduled for release later this year and as per KRichardson's blog, she'll be working on an anthology:
starting the next writing project tomorrow or Tuesday–a Steampunk fairytale for an anthology (CLOCKWORK FABLES to be released by Penguin later this year)! So, while 2011 may have been a year of “sucktacular fuckery,” I intend to make 2012 a noisy kick-ass party of a year (cuz it’s a Dragon Year and as we know, dragons know how to par-tay!)
Cimmaron and I are getting some "elbow grease" by dabbling on Steampunk so I'd like to see what this anthology is all about.

A quarter century ago, the Seawitch cruised away from her dock and disappeared with everyone on board. Now, the boat has mysteriously returned to her old berth in Seattle and the insurance company has hired Harper to find out what happened. But Harper is not the only one investigating. Seattle Police Detective Rey Solis is a good cop, albeit one who isn’t comfortable with the creepy cases that always seem to end up
in Harper’s lap. As Solis focuses on the possible murder of a passenger’s wife, Harper’s investigation leads her to a powerful being who may be responsible for the disappearance of the Seawitch’s passengers and crew


  1. Steampunk anthology..ears prick up!

    I must also have a read of this many books..sigh. I am looking at live feed of me showing as visiting..Brisbane QLD ..well I'm 2 hours from Brisvegas, but close enough, I'm out in the forest..hehe!


  2. Michelle, my favorite Aussie. Yup Steampunk anthology, I wonder who else is contributing? I'll investigate further and keep everyone posted. Yeah I love that live feed, it might not be exact but at least we know we get around. LOL


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