January 13, 2012

The Demon of Renaissance Drive

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Another freebie from LibraryThing (man, I love their member and book giveaways!) and after reading this I felt a bit of regret as to why I held off reading this story.

Annabelle is a succubus who's been popping babies for more than 6,000 years. Throughout the years, the number of succubus in Hell dwindled and the Kings of the empire are scrambling for future heirs. Anabelle is Lilith's daughter so that makes her a princess in a way. But she wants to escape Hell, after all, the arid smell of brimstone and the cries of agonized souls is getting old. Out of whim, she decided to snatch a soul and struck a deal with King Belial so she can live in obscurity on Earth. At least that's what she hoped for.

Annabelle is sarcastic and can kick ass. I like Reuter's version of Hell and how demons generally go after lost and guilty souls and are not interested on the good, selfless ones. If you take out the attempt on making things light and humorous, Reuter's version of Hell is something Dante would be proud of. Souls fed to the fire, breaking your spirit literally for eternity, punishment with no end.

I like Annabelle's transition too from something that's borne out of evil evolving into a version of something good. She does this out of love and she wasn't even aware of her transition. The book cover doesn't say much but the storyline has a lot of potential and much can be improved. I don't know if Annabelle's story will continue but in case Reuter decides to create a sequel, then I wouldn't hesitate picking it up.

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