January 9, 2012

Curse of the Egyptian Goddess

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We have all heard tales about cursed Egyptian artifacts found and looted from those majestic pyramids in Giza and other dig sites scattered in the country. It's in one of those sites that the Curse started for Emma Patrix and Calvin Konrad when they happened to find the twin necklaces of Bast and Apep created by the Goddess Seshat.

I like novellas, it's what I pick up when I need to take a break from those full length novels or sometimes I look for ones written by authors I want to try reading just to know if their writing style is appealing to me. This novella plus its allusion to Egyptian myth piqued my interest. We all know that the Ancient Egyptians are one of the most mystical and superstitious people that walked this Earth so I was really curious on what the Curse was all about.

Unfortunately I didn't really like this story, there are a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies that I felt wasn't in context with the world Lisa Rayns created. Here are some of the things I'd like to highlight:
  • I didn't feel invested on Emma and Calvin's relationship. Though Rayns provided a backstory, there were some key elements missing that would convince me that theirs is a good and believable love match.
  • The police can't just arrest and hold you in custody without enough evidence. And they certainly won't chalk up deaths, homicide/murder to the Supernatural.
  • Needs more research on what happens on those Egyptian dig sites.
  • The attacks by Apep of Emma and Calvin's metamorphosis from human to Bast was anti climactic.
What I do like about the story is Emma and Calvin's resilience and their drive to lift the curse. In Emma's case, I can't imagine losing your entire bloodline in a span of two weeks! That's brutal. As for Calvin, I admire his heart and loyalty towards Emma. Although he resented her for abandoning him, he still managed to help and forgive her. His eagerness to make up for lost time and to fulfill his desire to build a life with Emma is admirable.

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  1. I thought I'd try it out when I saw the cover of the book on my Dashboard. But now that I've read the full review, I might now. Thanks for the heads up, or else I might've read it and hated it!


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