January 14, 2012

Creative Spirit

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I see dead people.

We all know that the Indie writing movement is an exciting tenet of publishing especially for aspiring writers and for us readers too. It's a good way to clean the palate from the big budget stories manufactured by those publishing giants. At the same time, finding a good (and cheap) Indie read can also be tedious. It's like finding a needle in a haystack and one can only empathize with those poor book editors going through numerous manuscripts, finding an unpolished jewel amongst a pile of tumble rock.

I found Creative Spirit in Library Thing on one of their member giveaways. And for a change I found myself requesting for a good 'ol fashioned ghost story. Creative Spirit is about a haunted mansion in the middle of the Appalachian which poses as an artist getaway of sorts but in reality it's nothing but a death trap for your soul.

Haunting, possessions and apparitions are occurring on different levels. The ghost of Ephram Korban is everywhere and this stud of a man has control of the place. Even in death and the after-life his mistresses are clamoring for his return, with a promise of eternity with him. And Ephram Korban ALWAYS keeps his promises. No soul can escape (like the Murder House in American Horror Story) and most of these souls' energies are trapped so they can feed Korban. But those poor departed are not enough, he needs the living to help him resurrect in the next blue moon.

The unexpected heroine is Anna, a psychic, paranormal researcher who is dying of stage 4 cancer. An uncanny choice, I know, but the story shifts around the guests of the Manor so it distracted me a bit from trying to figure out how Anna can deliver everyone from this strange fate that seems to be closing on them. If you read the book, I'll leave it to you to share your thoughts about her. As for me, let's just say that I wasn't 100% convinced that someone who's sh**ing blood can save herself let alone vanquish a powerful ghost. If you've been around cancer patients, you'd know what I mean.

As for the images it is disturbing: apparitions on the furnace & mirrors, realistic nightmares, voodoo-like dolls, and of course in several occasions, I found myself thinking if the character is in a dream trance or if s/he is having a real experience. And I have a habit of reading before going to bed so it really didn't help when it's lights off.

So my final thoughts is Anna is not my top heroine but the antagonists and tritagonists more than made up for her. Plus the book is FREE so can't complain much.


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