January 30, 2012

Craved a Gwen Sparks Novel

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Witches are dying and their blood harvested for a drink called Brew that vampires are addicted to. With Gwen's werewolf ex, detective Micah Reynolds, leading the investigation, with the help of her vampire boyfriend Aiden, they are set to solve the mystery before Gwen becomes the next victim.

So I was thinking: a Witch caught in the middle of Vampire affairs and with a Werewolf ex as baggage. Nothing new. Certainly read a lot of those already but surely there has to be a reason why this is topping the Amazon charts.


I've read a lot of these formula stories but there's something about Gwen Sparks that just beckons to me. First off, this girl needs a loyalty card from Victoria's Secret or something because for some reason, her underwear just keeps getting torn to pieces. Those sexy scenes are very steamy and removing panties just requires patience Gwen and Aiden doesn't have. Way to live vicariously through your characters SNelson! *clap* *clap*

This was a very entertaining read and though the premise and back stories for some characters and events are a little bit loose, the story remains engaging. I just have a strong reaction to the part where Aiden went MIA at this very hyped ball and Gwen was close to nonchalant about being stood up. Take note, this is a guy who pursued her to no end and even sent her the dress she was supposed to wear. If it were my boyfriend, I'd at least expect to be notified in advance that he can't make it especially if he's sending a stand in. For a woman scorned, Gwen's reaction to that is a tad out of character.

Next, it took Gwen too long to confront Aiden or investigate her boyfriend's absence. When she finally got around to it, Gwen found Aiden high on Brew courtesy of a naked witch in Aiden's house while the sexy vamp was seducing Gwen. I'm a woman and I think I will most certainly throw a hissy fit that will put Katrina to shame if that happened to me regardless if the man in question is Brad Pitt. Not make hot, marathon sex with him!

Gwen is a sexual character but her reactions to some instances are a little off from how I perceived. Maybe it's a rough start but it's not so bad considering that this is SNelson's debut novel.


  1. Just wait for the next book Deceived its awesome!! I loved it even more then Craved.

  2. Yeah I finished it and it IS better than Craved. Makes me wonder about Coveted and that short with Dorian.

  3. I can not wait for the short story with When Stephanie was talking about writing it, I asked her if she could pretty please make a nice steamy scene in (is that weird to ask an author) Anyways I love Dorian!

    1. You betcha! On Deceived Gwen can't seem to take her eyes off Dorian. Now that she's on the rebound, I'm curious if they'll act on their attraction to each other... and it's ok to ask because you're not alone Amber.

  4. I like some steamy..sounds like there is some. I think I shall give this a read , but I am reading into your review that there were some character things that maybe could have been done better. I am intrigued to read. I like smexi but I like it when it is done right. Sounds like the poor love had trouble with her knickers..hehe! I like my smexi scenes written right and not rushed. Sounds worth a read. Thanks for sharing:D


    1. The smexi is steamy and it's SEX if you know what I mean but it's not sloppy or nasty porn. They just let themselves be swept away by the best endorphin rush one can get.


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