January 28, 2012

Clockwork Prince an Infernal Devices Novel

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My hands are still cold from the adrenaline rush I got reading this book. And here I was, thinking that Will Herondale will be my antidote to Dimitri Belikov, wishful thinking!

I started reading Infernal Devices immediately after I finished Mortal Instrument's City of Glass. So after all the excitement of that epic war in Idris and the conclusion of those desultory relationships between Clary and company, Clockwork Angel at that time was a bit anti climactic for me. As far as I'm concerned, it was a bad idea for me to have read CClare's series in succession, I should have a taken a breather in between series. Now let me start eating some of my words shall we?

Clockwork Prince is a book that WShakespeare and CDickens will be proud of. I was on the fence about Jessamine but my heart went out to her when her cards were dealt. You can tell that she was so desperate to escape her destiny she'd take any way out, even consort with the enemy. Which brings the question, will CClare redeem her? Jem's health in contrast with his noble heart will surely give you mixed feelings of sympathy and adoration. And lastly, the tragedy of unrequited love will never ever fail to elicit strong emotions from any reader regardless of age. It's not enough that Will Herondale's past is tragic but it seems that his future will be no different as well. To say that he was a little too late is an understatement. My heart was truly broken after I read Will's letter to his family. So I have another question, what is the cost of Will's happy ending?

At 502 pages and change, this is a book that keeps on giving. Just when you think you can breathe easy and proceed to the resolution, another burst of action happens and your heart is slamming in your chest once again. I take back my previous statement that it echoes Mortal Instruments (let the mockery begin! LOL). In some way it does as far as the love triangles, Will and Tessa's personages reminded me of Jace and Clary and the team dynamics, two Nephilims and a girl. But it ends there. Personally I think I will like Infernal Devices more than Mortal Instruments not only because of its Steampunk flavor but also due to the storyline. The forbidden love part, as CClare calls it, is more to my liking than that of Jace and Clary. Even the tritagonists are scene stealers, Charlotte and Henry are so adorable!
So it's with a heavy heart that I put the book down. A consolation is City of Lost Souls is coming this May and, fingers crossed, Mortal Instruments the movie will be released this year?


  1. Oh my heart was dragging on the ground. Jem ..sigh, he is so happy...but....Will and then they both need happiness in their lives. One girl ,two guys. Cassandra is killing me with the wait for CWPrincess...oh the pain. But, we have Jace around the corner..yay! Oh how good was the smexi Balcony scene!!!!

    Do I need to mock you , hehe! I loved CWA but I did think Jace and Will were similar characters, love them both. Cassandra really set them apart in CWPrince. I loved how she separated Will and Jace type character. I loved how Henry got a past being JUST the bumbling hubby. Such fun, Cassandra's writing. I met her in Melbourne in May 2011. Such a lovely person. I told her I loved her,...I know...bad form gushing at an author..ha! What a wally * shakes head* Uber nice!

    Great review. Glad you enjoyed CWPrince. Cassandra wrote lots of emotion into this one, not so much action. I know she is going to hurt Jems feelings , it's going to be a tough book for Jem I think in CWPrincess. I may need the tissues.


  2. Oh I loved this book. But I was so so so so heart broken over Will. I love him. But I also love Jem and I don't want to see either of them hurt, but I totally love Did I mention I love Will. Great Review!!

  3. @Michelle, i draw their similarities based on their sarcasm (w/c i love), how damaged they are for someone so young, they are both martyrs and are guarded. But yeah, the story evolved into something emotionally mature for teenagers to deal with. The love triangle is so complex you know someone will really get hurt in the end. I tweeted about Magnus' reaction to Tessas's bosom lol. Even her scene with Jem was hot as well. As for City of Lost Souls, i adore Simon and his storyline is quite interesting having the mark of Cain. An outcast Downworlder.

  4. @Amber, yeah they do pull ones heartstrings. I was so sad over that letter Will wrote to his family. Cecily will sure bring another layer of drama in CPrincess.

  5. Their sole purpose is to protect humanity from the demons that crossover into the earthly realm. They also keep Downworlders in line such as warlocks, fairies, vampires and werewolves. However as the action begins, they are on the watch for Mortmain, their sworn enemy who seeks their destruction with his army of mechanized automatons. Not to mention, he wants to kidnap and marry our heroine, Tessa, who he believes is an instrumental component to his takeover strategy.


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