January 20, 2012


rafflecopter screenshot on the original post

We have to take down our winner announcement for our Underworld:Awakening contest because there seems to be some level of confusion about the giveaway.

We'd like to maintain that we have been clear about the rules, conditions and the limitations of the contest as stated in the blog post body and the rafflecopter form above.

blog post screenshot of the original post.

We love giving out stuff but at the same time, the contest has to be fair to all parties concerned hence the disclaimers.

With this we will not be held accountable for: (1) bad emails; (2) for people who joined who failed to accomplish the mandatory requirements (Follow our blog via GFC, leave a comment, etc.) and ultimately, (3) if they didn't feel the need to read the entire post and imbibe its content.

We are happy that people joined and loved the movies as much as we did. We also sincerely apologize if there was anything that we failed to communicate effectively and in future giveaways, we will ensure that this will not happen again.

Currently we have one outstanding pass floating.

Thank you and we'll give further updates about the contest.


  1. Good movie with full of action. Watching 3D would be a better option. Those who cannot understand fluent English should go for the dubbed Hindi version. Both Kate Beckinsale and the girl playing her daughter character have done excellent work with awesome action scenes which has scenes of blood sucking vampires and horrifying attacks by the lycans. .


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