January 7, 2012

Anyone (The Gossamer Sphere)

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This is a fantasy novel after a disastrous event called the Cataclysym caused by The Gossamer Sphere and the Fae folk are behind it.

Titania or Tainie is part Fae and post Cataclysm she discovers that she can shape shift. If you notice the cover, the real Tainie is the one on the left. She's ugly, awkward and of course this will bring a lot of insecurities. When she discovered that she can alter her looks to anything, she did so to get the guy, Fred.

There is nothing much to like about this heroine. Aside from her tragic looks, her attitude didn't help matters either. High School is a jungle much like the Serengeti and in Tainie's defense she pushes back when being bullied and in time that will build a lot of resentment. But as the story progress, she became the bully that she hated so much.

I didn't find any redeeming qualities for this girl. The focal of the story too is off. This disastrous Cataclysm happens and the Fae are out to rule the world and yet the heroine is busy getting the attention of some High School heartthrob. Nobody is helping her with her abilities and though there's something special about her, her destiny remains unknown. That is if she has a profound role to play down the road in the future. So far, she is just a girl with special skills who can make herself cheerleader pretty. And the muder/mystery that happened is not even related to Tainie and her story.

On the first half of the book I was really into it, I liked where the story seemed to be going. But at 50.1% it just went downhill for me. It's not as cohesive and the characters are bland and predictable. I got it for free but I wouldn't recommend buying this.

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  1. Wow, so our "hero" is an insecure girl who becomes the shallow mean girl at school. And she happens to be a shapeshifting Fae that doesn't fight, but instead stalks th hot guy. That alone doesn't sound like it belongs in the same book LOL! Sounds like the plot to an anooying teen show on MTV. It really feels random. It is like they aren't focusing on the main character, but some side character in the story especially since the mystery doesn't even involve her. Thank you for the warning hon, I will pass.


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