January 6, 2012

Alone a Serenity Series Novel and Book Giveaway

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First of all I'd like to thank Red Tash, author of This Brilliant Darkness, for hooking us up with Marissa Farrar.

Alone is a story about a woman going through a vicious cycle of abuse from childhood through her adult life and her journey to freedom and a chance at a new life. Serenity is trapped in her marriage with husband, Jackson who beats her for any reason he deems necessary. On one of the worst days of her life, she bumps into Sebastian and through that brief encounter, she finds the inspiration and strength to finally get out of her godforsaken marriage and pursue her own dreams and live a happy life.

This stirring story is more about Serenity and her escape from Jackson than it is about her love affair with the Vampire Sebastian. The story is not for the faint of heart, it is brutal, dark and gritty like the movie Enough (2002, Jennifer Lopez) and Farrar captured the essence of someone who has been a victim of abuse all her life and her drive to escape it. I felt bad and sympathetic towards Serenity, her actions are motivated by desperation in an attempt to be her own self. The story, though riveting, is not something I'd recommend to read over the holidays, LOL.

Although I might have read this book at a wrong time it didn't take away the fact that I was sucked into it. I managed to finish the book in a day which is enough indication on how invested I was in Alone.

I found Serenity's story inspiring too because hers is an example of human triumph. I personally don't know anyone who has the unfortunate fate of being forced as a human punching bag (thank God!) and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but this book really gave me a good idea. It may be fancy due to its supernatural flair but it didn't deviate from the message Farrar wants to give us.

The sequel Buried, is now available on Amazon and both books have been on the top 100 list on the site's Contemporary Genre category.

We're giving away a free ebook of Alone courtesy of Marissa.
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  1. Man, I am dying for this. Everyone keeps talking about it. I hope I win it. Great review you guys have here. It sounds like something to get very emotinally invested in and the fact that you finished it in a day, it must be something. Thank you so much for the great review and giveaway hon.

  2. Oh and my GFC name: drharleyquinn87

    By the way, the Leave the Blog Post entry is about the BDB. But I don't mind talking about them though LOL! They are how vampires should be scary, badass, and sexy as hell. Thanks again guys :)

  3. @#$%^ thanks for catching that D *blushing*

  4. Thanks for hosting me, Braine, and for the great review!

  5. @Braine - No problem at all. It happens.

    @Marissa - Thank you so much for the giveaway and for the awesome guest post again. It is sounds like a great story that a lot people will get invested in. Thank you again :)

  6. Marissa - you are more than welcome. Thank you for thinking of us, if you didn't reach out i would never have read this wonderful story. See you again on Buried.


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