January 1, 2012

2012 Support Your Local Library Challenge

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There are a lot of challenges going on and other gimmicks in the blog world. I have always been curious but I haven't found something that I'd consider a perfect fit for me because the challenges are either too tedious or not to my liking.

So when I saw that The Eclectic Bookshelf is hosting this challenge, I decided to join!

I love libraries period. There is just something so wonderful about being surrounded by all those books, dust and all those thoughts swirling around. My library card is one of my most prized possession.

Plus my local library rocks! The people and their book selections are awesome and for a small library, it's well tended.

So spread the word and encourage everyone to take up reading. Not only does it provide a perfect escape from our routines and the mundane, it's also the cheapest vacation available.


  1. I'm a library chick, always swiping my card, nosing through recent arrivals. We have a teeny library but they always order in what I want, so size doesn't matter!


  2. Same here although i have yet to get chummy with the librarians to order in a couple of books for me.

  3. I haven't heard of this challenge yet so thank you for sharing it. It sounds really good so this may be the only challenge I'll take part in this year.

    Personally I love buying books because I like collecting them. I only borrow if I'm not sure I'll like it.

    Thankfully, my library has a huge range of fantastic YA books so I'm going to definitely make my visit regularly from now on!


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