December 1, 2011

This Brilliant Darkness Review & Giveaway

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In Indiana there is a strange phenomena occurring, this is the only place where you could see Stella Mirabilis. A star that doesn't move with its fellow stars and shines brightly in the day as it does at night. Some call it the Star of Bethlehem and some say that its a UFO.

With this sighting, strange things start happening to Christine Grace and her close circle of friends. She'd find herself warped from one place to another without preamble. She and Tom, her boyfriend, start having nightmares and they have sightings of a strange creature with wings.

Is it just coincidence or is there something about Stella Mirabilis that heralds something sinister is making its way to Christine Grace's life.

After a forty-five minute brisk walk with 80's music blasting in my ears, I finally managed to get my thoughts in order about This Brilliant Darkness. Although a part of me is saying that I should read it again just to make sure that Stella Mirabilis is not messing with me.

First of all Red Tash gives a warning that the book is written in alternating POV from different characters much like Stephen King's The Stand then she follows it up with her character introductions and ends it with, Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, now. Enjoy the ride.

Yup that's a threat if you ask me and boy did she deliver.

Red didn't kid when she said that it's fast paced but to use a vehicle as a metaphor for this book is a lie! Why? Because it's more like a frickin' amusement park ride if you ask me. One minute our heroine is in the middle of a class then next thing we know there's a gust of wind and she's thrown through a window. Another incident is when Christine had another "episode" and ended up naked, hiding in a dumpster. Whew! I mean where do you begin to empathize with the heroine when as a reader you're as clueless as she is?

I like Christine and Tom, they're one of those polar opposite couples that clicks like Dharma and Greg. Greachin is one atrocious being like Hannibal Lecter minus the off the charts IQ. This beast is on a mission and he's fueled by revenge and fury and he's patient. Patience is a characteristic you don't want your bad guy to have, it's a virtue that will guarantee him success. I was just frustrated about the monk and Tristan, they're supposed to be on Christine's side but they weren't really of much help at the end.

The plot is complex and at times I felt like it was too smart for me with all those wormhole and astrophysics talk. I have yet to catch up with my Stephen Hawking reading exercise so on these parts, I just nod my head and pretend that I know what a wormhole is, but I cheat and look up things in Google. But don't get me wrong, it's not like a textbook however my knowledge on anything about the universe is limited to the planets and their corresponding satellites, beyond that I'm pretty much useless. Unless we're talking about zodiacs and horoscopes (OK, I'm trying to be funny here to cover up my ignorance on astrophysics).

Red is trying to merge religion and science here, the divine explained through scientific means. I can somewhat discern that Red is treading carefully but I'd like to believe that it is also a testament to her personal beliefs. But it also makes sense because the characters are college professors specializing in sciences and religious philosophies so it's but natural that their interest would merget at one point. But at the same time it's not as carefully planned where things happen as you'd expect it. The story wrote itself and like Tash, we're taken for a ride. It's organic and although there are some ridiculously funny things that happens, the direction of the tale is where it's supposed to go. My favorite part was her Star Trek [Star Trails] parody, Captain Kurt and Bill Shackler!

By the end of the book I hated Red, I felt grief and questions are piling up in my head one after the other a long walk was really needed. So my dear Red, HURRY UP AND FINISH BOOK TWO ALREADY!

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  1. Thanks for having me! So glad you enjoyed it. At least, I think you did... ;)

  2. Oh wow this sounds like a really good read!

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  3. looking forward to reading this...

  4. No need to enter me in the giveaway, already have the book. Just want to say thank you for the great review. I love books with complex plots even if it may be too smart for me LMAO! So awesome you liked it so much you hated Red LOL! Seriously need to hurry up and read this. Thank you hon and great review and giveaway again :)


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