December 30, 2011

Purge the Fire

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and before I head on to parties and gorge on endless buffet matched with rounds of alcohol bingeing, I want to share my 2012 resolution.

To start the year right I hereby pledge to purge my Fire of some fantastic ebooks.

Some people hoard clothes, music, collectibles, etc. In my case I hoard books. I'm talking about giveaways and free Nook and Kindle books. Anything with a supernatural flavor that has a decent star rating that I can get my grubby hands on, I take it. This on top of my usual library visits and occasional used-book splurges. While most of you bring a bag to the library, I carry a small box and Cimmaron can attest to this. So when we say the gals in Talk Supe are VORACIOUS READERS, it's not exaggeration. So you could just imagine my little Book-enstein, a monster of my own creation, is growing by the day. I won't be surprised if a power surge will give it life!

My stack has been piling up and it's seriously starting to annoy the OCD out of me,
I have about 40 something titles stored and counting, ranging from short stories, to novellas to your good old fashioned novel. Not good.
I decided to tackle my Ereads first and lay off the community library and my friendly neighborhood bookstore and play catch up. I'm crossing my fingers that by the time I've done serious damage on my list that my eyesight won't fail me.

I still prefer physical books but like most people, I have to move with the times.
Thank God my personal Santa gave me a Kindle Fire. Makes this resolution a whole lot easier to fulfill.

Cheers to 2011 and looking forward to the magic of 2012!

I will be loaning some of the titles via Amazon Kindle 
or Barnes and Noble Nook so stay tuned for instructions and details.

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