December 26, 2011

Girl Crush Mondays: Charlize Theron

We J'adore
 Charlize Theron

Born in South Africa whose first language is Afrikaans.
A trained ballet dancer and attended New York's Joffrey Ballet School.
Avid supporter of animal rights and a staunch member of PETA.
 Dior's current muse.

A brilliant Academy Award winning actress and total chameleon.
She can play a bad ass action star (Aeon Flux), loathful villain (Monster),
a sweet and dutiful wife (Devil's Advocate), or a narcissistic bitch (Young Adult) effectively.

Aeon Flux                              Monster

But what I'm most excited about is next year's
where she plays the evil Queen Ravenna.

At 36 she just keeps on getting better and better.
Makes one wonder what else is up this gorgeous gal's sleeves.

Here's my favorite Charlize movie,
2001's Sweet November with Keannu Reeves.
*sniff* *sniff*


  1. Oh dear lord to be able to look like that sitting in that chair...her mamma baked her good!

    Beauty, intelligence and she can act...she kind of swooped the pool.


  2. LMAO! I second that Novels. She is truly incredible, she just oozes talent and she doesn't exploit herself. Hollywood desperately needs more Theron-like women LOL! I am so with you, I can't wait to see her in the new Snow White movie. I've seen her as a villain, she will deliver and more. Awesome Girl Crush Monday guys, thank you :)

  3. Thanks ladies an now that you've mentioned baking, I just grabbed myself a cookie... too bad it won't make me look like that sitting on a chair hahahaha!

    I think she'll steal the movie from KStew in SWATH.


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