December 4, 2011

Dead Over Heels by Mary Janice Davidson

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Series: Wyndham Werewolf 5
Format: Paperback
Release Date: march 4, 2008
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With her trademark "sassy dialogue, lusty lovemaking [and] irreverent humor"* New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson delighted fans with her wickedly sexy and wildly funny anthology, Dead and Loving It-stories in which the worlds of the Wyndham Werewolves and Undead Queens collided. Now she returns to that sensual and irresistible after-dark realm of werewolves, vampires, and mermaids in three more original novellas--including an all-new Betsy Taylor novella.
This blog is a fan of Mary Janice Davidson's Undead Series and with Cimmaron's endorsement I decided to pick up the series myself. Betsy Taylor is both annoying and endearing, she is someone you'd love to hate but really can't. She has a potty mouth and can be a tad narcissistic but she's also loyal and feisty.

Dead Over Heels is an anthology, it has three novellas that covers MJD's series, Undead, Fred the Mermaid and Wyndham Werewolf. It's delightful and of course witty and has the trademark sizzling hot love scenes.

Undead and Wed is Betsy and Sinclair's honeymoon but being the King and Queen of the vampire race, it's far from romantic and safe. First off their getaway was crashed by Jessica and Nick then a series of murders starts happening and the perp is a vampire. Doesn't look good for the visiting monarchs but it's also the perfect opportunity for them to show the NY vamps that Sinclair and Betsy is a force to be reckoned with. Of course in the midst of things Betsy still found some time to do some shoe shopping which I find hilarious, as Jessica puts it: You can't remember to buy milk but you memorized most of the Fall [Beverly] Feldman line?. Classic Betsy.

Survivors is a story after the second of the Fred the Mermaid Series, Swimming Without a Net. I am not familiar with MJD's water series but like Undead, the story is hilarious. Con Conlinson is a "survivor expert" who found himself caught adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Around this time, the mer people decided to make an appearance in the biped [man] world and prove that they are real. Reanesta is a beautiful silver mermaid who took pity on Con and decided to help the man and save him from death and dehydration. There were disgusting parts in this little story especially when Reanesta was force feeding Con raw fish and making him drink the blood. I love sushi but I draw the line on mouth-to-mouth feeding and fish blood drinking. I didn't relate to the story very well because I found the romance corny and/or I haven't read any of the Fred Series.

Speed Dating Werewolf Style chronicles the events in Cain's search for a mate two months following Undead and Uneasy. This one is funny and a dating disaster story. Cain is your typical werewolf: go-getter, direct and fierce. Don't be fooled by her petite frame because she can tear you to pieces. As her 30th birthday approaches she decides that she wants to be mated and sought the help of her bestfriend, Saul. He then sets her up on a series of disastrous mini dates and almost got raped by the seventh one. Unbeknownst to her, Saul is secretly inlove with her. She tried to fight off the feelings at first but of course things ended happily. Again MJD didn't disappoint in tickling my funny bone. A dense Alpha female is just a disaster waiting to happen and Cain just fell into that trap.

Mary Janice Davidson is a clever storyteller and obviously she doesn't take her characters seriously. Her novels might be considered chick flick by some but it's all good. Reminds me of those Meg Ryan and Drew Barrymore flick, smart, sassy and definitely she'll make you laugh with her heroine's antics and smart comebacks.


  1. I love her Wyndham werewolves short stories!

  2. The short story is the only one I've read from her Were series but MJD's wit is just relentless. I'll pick that up next time, thanks for the recommendation Stephanie :)


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