December 16, 2011

The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands + Jeaniene Frost

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Series: Argeneau 16.5; Night Huntress 6.5
Format: Hardcover

Release Date: October 25, 2011
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In Lynsay Sands' "The Gift," Katricia Argeneau knows grey-eyed cop Teddy Brunswick is her life mate. She just needs to convince him they belong together, and being snowbound in a secluded cabin will make this a Christmas neither will forget.

It's "Home for the Holidays" in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. Cat and Bones may long to wrap presents and set up a tree, but this Christmas, an evil vampire and long-buried family secrets will threaten to take a bite out of their holiday cheer.

The Gift
by Lynsay Sands

Throughout this long story I kept thinking about Richard Gere and Winona Ryder (blond) in Autumn in New York. At face value, the story of Katricia Argeneau and Teddy Brunswick seems like your usual May-December affair. But of course since Katricia is an Immortal [vampire] she's not really 25 and Teddy is the town's Chief of Police on the verge of retirement. The contrast between their looks can be disconcerting at first but it was also funny especially when Teddy was avoiding Katricia's advances and suggestive looks and body language. What he doesn't know is that the best is yet to come.

The story is about life mates and Katricia found hers in Teddy. Their story is smoking hot amidst the frigid air and powder white now of Port Henry. I am not familiar with Sand's work but the way she described her concept of life mates is so romantic and sexy. Being in tune with your partner, feeling every pleasure and pain, sharing an exceptional bond with someone, makes one wish this happens in real life exactly the way Sands described it. No wonder people have always been enamored with vampires. This is one of the many reasons why.

Home for the Holidays
by Jeaniene Frost

From a romantic story we shift to the [mis]adventurous holiday story of Cat and Bones. Apparently Bones shares his name with his long lost brother, Wraith, and the latter reveals a wealth of information about Bone's past and parentage. So it's no surprise that Bones have taken a liking to his brother but Cat observed that Bones has changed since Wraith's arrival. He is not acting like himself and this doesn't go unnoticed with Ian and Denise either as other member of their family has been acting peculiar as well. Obviously Wraith's reason for his sudden appearance in their lives is far from a heartwarming family reunion.

I wouldn't want to spend my holidays this way. I must admit it was very exciting and certainly the type of things that happens to Cat and Bones but demon possession doesn't fall under my list of "exciting", more like terrifying. And a coven of vampires possessed is certainly lethal especially if one of them can decapitate you with a mere thought! Ms. Frost certainly wrote a very compact story here and it doesn't matter if it's part of an anthology or Christmas being the background theme. No siree, she kept all the juicy parts albeit condensed in this 150 page long story. There's steam, life threatening situations, explosions, surgery and exorcism. What more can you ask for? Turkey's got nothing on Jeaniene Frost!

This is a new release so I encourage you to buy it, give it as a gift or put it on your wishlist, borrow a copy, doesn't matter as long YOU READ IT.


  1. I loved Cat and Bones story. So much Ian time, it was I love him.

  2. Oh well lookie at that , there is this little number running around. Oh I must get it! I am rather addicted to that boy ( Bones )Thanks for bringing it to my attention:D


  3. I enjoyed this one very much I wish it were longer.

  4. "The Gift" by Lynsay Sands. Port Henry Police Chef Teddy Brunswick is snowed in without electricity at Marguerite Argeneau's isolated Colorado cabin. He cannot escape as downed trees block the road and his truck is frozen. Next door is Katricia Argeneau who tells him she has food while he has a fire in the fireplace. Tricia is excited as she cannot read her fellow stranded traveler, which means that Marguerite is probably right that the man who looks like her grandfather is her life mate. She tells him she is in law enforcement as a Council Enforcer in New York and that Marguerite is her aunt; he knows what she is but is unsure what he is to her.


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