November 17, 2011

LOL Time: Vampire Comparison Chart (Thanks DeAnna!)
Whoever you are we love your sense of humor!
I hope another bout of inspiration hits you and you'll make us
LMAO again and again.

DeAnna S. my dear!
Thank you for this wonderful find!
I hope you don't mind but I can't pass up the chance,
I have to share this!


  1. This was great. Funny because it was all too true! I am looking forward to the next take on the supernatural world.

  2. LOVE THIS! And like Roland said, it's all true. As far as the love interest goods for twilight....i read that his abs were air brushed on. Jacob was demanded to pack on the muscles but they couldn't do the same for that sparkling vamp. UNFAIR!

  3. You're welcome hon! Gotta share the love, laughs and well sadly the truth. LOL!

  4. Oh man, I just read this at work! I'm trying to repress the laughter. I have tears in my eyes, and I swear I'm about to choke on my lunch!

    Burn, baby burn! Disco inferno!

  5. Thanks so much DeAnna again for this. So funny and so true. I don't think sprayed on abs would have helped Edward hon, he is just way too freaking pale and the glittering just makes it worse. He really could blind someone with that LOL! You should share this at work, it would definitely have everyone laughing LOL! Great post hon, thank you.


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