November 12, 2011

Immortals Movie Review

I just saw Immortals starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke and I am in movie heaven! Usually Cimmaron does the better movie reviews but I'll do my best not to ramble.

First off the producers are the same team who brought us 300 (2006 Gerard Butler) and I promise you that they didn't disappoint. If you liked the scenery and the dark and gritty feel of 300 you'll definitely love Immortals. And if anything, they mastered it to an art! The photography and cinematography is consistent with 300 if not better.

Henry Cavill playing Theseus is intense. I might be partial because I adore him immensely but you can tell that he brought his A game on this movie. Aside from buffing up, his moves in the action sequences are tight, you can tell he trained hard to make his martial arts-like moves and weapon handling realistic and fluid. However there is much to be desired on the oration department. He needs to work on that, his motivational speech could have been more compelling but considering his role as a peasant thrust into leading an army, he got away with it.

King Hyperion
Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion stole the scene although I have to strain in some parts of his dialogue because his mask and grumbling got in the way of his speech. But it doesn't take away from the fact that he fit the role of the villain to a T. You'll feel Hyperion's ruthlessness and blind desire for vengeance on the Olympian Gods. What he did to those other Oracles are despicable (I won't tell what to avoid spoiling the movie for you further). Phaedra's (Freida Pinto) cries of anguish really broke my heart.

The fight scenes are to die for! Even the actors playing Greek gods will do the Dancing with the Stars judges proud with their choreography. Poseidon (Kellan Lutz) and Athena (Isabel Lucas, Transformers II) were my favorites. I can almost taste the dust in the air and the iron smell of blood. No wonder the movie is R rated. So girls, bring your boyfriend because you'll both enjoy the movie. Win win!

Isabel Lucas
I'm proud of Freida Pinto for not succumbing to the pressures of Hollywood. Don't be fooled by that nude scene, they used a body double for her. Although that part I found ridiculous, obviously the Oracle wasn't immune to the charms of Theseus. Regardless if he's recuperating from being poisoned, our demi god didn't deny dear Phaedra his skill in bed. I'd also like to note that I find Zeus and Athena's relationship in this movie weird. Maybe my mind is muddled by the continues parade of sexy men but based on their scenes together, Zeus and Athena are acting more than father and daughter.

Now I'm not going to get into the details of the story because Immortals is a far cry from it's Greek myth counterpart. But there are just some nuances that I'd like to mention.

Tartarus is an abyss and not a mountain. To be even more conservative it encompasses the domains of Hades (underworld) and Poseidon (sea). And if there is a threat of Titans being freed, hordes of Gods and Goddesses would swarm the place and not just a measely 6 Olympians.

Daniel Sharman
Greek Olympians bleed ichor (gold) and not red, human blood. Their props team should've done their research. They look mortal but they are not like us. Their take on Titans, though far from tradition, I found tolerable. I don't know why but part of me understood the contrast of perfection versus deplorable and those Titans were beyond repulsive.

I was disappointed that Zeus (Luke Evans) killed Aries for defending Theseus. In relation to this when Zeus said that Gods shouldn't meddle with human affairs is false because Olympians ALWAYS meddle and mess with us humans. They won't be Greek Gods if they stay out of mortal lives. They live vicariously through us. Not only that but these Olympian Gods, though I applaud their amazing costumes, are weak, they are far from commanding and domineering. They appear meek and scared which doesn't make sense. If anything they are tyrannical.

Lastly, Zeus was a big disappointment for me. He is the King of the Gods but it seemed like he is an avid disciple of the Emo Movement. Crying and wallowing, a complete opposite of a formidable ruler who sent Titans to Tartarus and had the will to slay his own father. And I just have to ask this question, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR THUNDERBOLT?

Luke Evans

Nevertheless it was a good movie and it's worth every penny. The story itself is great if you're not into Greek Myth and even if you are you'll find it acceptable. The special effects, costumes and action sequences will make up for those nuances in the story. Alll the hype about the movie were justified and yes, I'd like a sequel and hopefully Zeus will have his thunderbolt... maybe we should ask Percy Jackson to fetch it for him.

this is part of our Olympian Rule special


  1. Awesome movie review hon. I am dying to see this. I am a huge fan of 300, so this is up my ally. Not to mention I too am a big Henry Cavill fan (drools). But I am with you, they should have done more research on Greek mythology first before making a film about Greek mythology.
    I am so with you,I am happy Pinto has not gone all Hollywood, she is doing things her way and at her pace. Love her! Great review again, happy it is worth my money, thank God. Hope to see this sometime during the week. Thanks again :)

  2. Oh, this hasn't come out in Australia yet, but it sounds like serious fun. I loved 300, and love anything with copious amounts of blood, violence, special effects and Greek myth.

    PLUS, this sounds like total eye candy (for both the girls and guys!). Great review!

  3. The visuals are great, but really there is no real story line. I am confused most of the movie as to what is going on and why this mortal is even special to the Gods. The acting is okay, but really dont go see this if you want to understand a movie with a good plot. It is made by the people who did 300, but this is no 300.

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