November 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Henry Cavill

Thanks so much to Braine and Cimmaron of Talk Supe for their invitation for me to serve as their guest blogger in support of Henry Cavill's latest film IMMORTALS. As the Administrator for the Henry Cavill Unofficial Facebook Page (HCUFBP), 11-11-11 is a day that I have been anxiously awaiting on for over a year.  Henry Cavill enthusiast's will be gathering in masses worldwide for an opportunity to see him take on his first lead role in a mega Hollywood film as the character Theseus.

For those that may need an introduction to whom this amazing actor is, here you go. Mr. Cavill has starred in such movies as The Count of Monte Cristo, Laguna/Vendetta, Stardust, Tristan + Isolde and Whatever Works, among others. The role that he is best known for is Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk from the Showtime series The Tudors. By Hollywood standards he was still in fact considered a relative unknown actor. That was until in late January that the announcement that he had been cast in the role as the next Man of Steel was made. Outside of our fandom world the question that was asked more then we care to admit was "Who is Henry Cavill?" I know, I know, we couldn’t quite figure that one out either, ha!
 With Hollywood being what it is today, there are many actors, but few true artists. Mr. Cavill is a rarity amongst his craft. Henry is by all accounts an actor that is versatile and focused. These traits are beautifully translated into his work. He has the ability to pull you into the character that he is portraying. What his character feels, you feel and what his character sees, you see. He possesses the ability as an actor to convey dialogue without reciting it. I believe his talent to be endless. He makes it very easy in that regard to want to support his career.

 At the beginning of April a few of us decided to make our way to San Francisco for WonderCon. We were for all intent of purposes representing the page to show our support to Mr. Cavill and to get an idea what exactly IMMORTALS was all about. Two of us being comic book convention virgins relied heavily upon our comic book convention veteran counterpart in navigating through the Mascone Center madness. First priority to take on this unchartered territory was our basic survival tool that came in Venti size cups of Starbucks. With java in hand...Game On!! In line by 5:30 a.m. (minus the Star Trek attire) and jet lag still very much present & accounted for, we knew this was going to be one long day. At 4:00 p.m. the moment that we were insane enough to fly across country for had finally arrived.

The most that we could of hoped for on that brisk April day was that quite honestly IMMORTALS didn’t suck. Total career ender for Mr. Cavill crossed our minds! Truth be told, but I was not overly excited about embracing the ideology of yet another film on Greek Mythology. Once the trailer hit the screen you could have nailed our heads to the floor, it blew us away. IMMORTALS is much darker then I could of anticipated. The costumes are stunning, the brilliant director Mr. Tarsem Singh put his DNA all over it, Mr. Cavill has an 8-pack of abs courtesy of starvation and physical training that sounds more like a torture session by mortal standards. Mickey Rourke looks like he has just crawled out from the bottom of Hell and this film was created without compromise. Despite at that time not really getting what the storyline and/or the characters were all about, I was still immediately sold on IMMORTALS. Fast forward 7 months later I can honestly say that IMMORTALS is truly a visual masterpiece and those involved with this film should be very proud of what they accomplished.

To dispel a modern day Greek Myth courtesy of some misguided film critics and journalists, IMMORTALS is not a reboot of Clash of the Titans. With a well deserved hard R-rating, this film is not for the light hearted. If body crushing smack downs, awesome weaponry and blood spewing in 3D isn’t your thing, consider this your warning, there is plenty of it. With a wide screen saturated with extreme graphic violence, sexual content, barely clothed men, beautiful women courtesy of Freida Pinto as Phaedra and Isabel Lucas as Athena, evident through out the entire film, there is something for everyone over the age of 17. IMMORTALS is essentially about a peasant stonemason Theseus (as he is portrayed in this version), the journey of his life and how he was guided by Zeus (Luke Evans) throughout the duration of his life and trained unbeknownst to him to save the world one day from the wrath of  King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke).

In order to gain further clarity into Mr. Cavill’s character, I thought whom better to ask then someone that has spent many years with Theseus, Mr. Charles Kiriakos Parlapanides. Charles along with his brother Mr. Vlas Parlapanides are the scriptwriters for IMMORTALS. I asked Mr. Parlapanides what makes his version of Theseus different? What approach did he take in the development of this character? The following is what Mr. Parlapanides provided.
We believe the best tentpole films, i.e., big budget/super hero movies are the ones that tie the personal story with the high concept big idea. [Inception as an example] Leo and the love story directly tie into the plot or drive the movie, i.e., planting an idea in someone’s head (which he did and got his wife killed, which is why he is in the dilemma he is in). With Theseus and IMMORTALS we also knew that we wanted his journey to be from atheist to martyr, that the guy who didn’t believe in the Gods, ends up saving the Gods. That was central to the piece. We thought that was an interesting journey for the character to take.
They nailed it!! Thank you Mr. Parlapanides for your time.

With over 25,000 fans on the HCUFBP and growing by the day, I have to give a huge shout-out to the other Admins and HC fans that work so hard on the page everyday to share their love and support to Mr. Cavill. Henry truly has the greatest fans!!

Mr. Cavill has pulled off yet another amazing performance in IMMORTALS. He will no doubt gain a whole new fan base because of it. With The Cold Light of Day scheduled for release in April 2012 and the much anticipated (working title) Superman: Man of Steel scheduled for release in June 2013, we have much to look forward to from Mr. Henry Cavill and we wish him much success in the future.

Ok so it's not Henry Cavill but it still doesn't take away from the fact that this guys is THE next big thing to watch.

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  1. Awesome post Talk Supe! I loved him in the Tudors. I know he will be as brilliant in Immortals.

  2. I haven't watched Tudors, but I know Henry. He is a beauty isn't he:D

    Great post!! Nice tum..ha!


  3. Thanks so much for guest blogging. I think Immortals will be pretty epic and I can't wait for it! Henry was amazing in the Tudors and I'm also looking forward to him being the Man of Steel.

  4. I'm looking forward to anything he does!

  5. That man could read the phone directory and we would still pay to watch it..haha!! He is really amazing!! Thanks again B & C. It was fun!! Best wishes with your blog!! C-

  6. Amazing post! I find it so interesting that you guys thought this would be a career ender for him. I understand that we have lots of Greek mythology movies and some aren't as stellar as I would like them to be (Percy Jackson anybody?) Glad you changed your mind though. I always knew he was going to be the next big thing, I just wish people realized it sooner LOL! Great post again guys, thank you!


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