November 14, 2011

Girl Crush Mondays: Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

I first fell inlove with her as the straight laced Dr. Allison Cameron on Fox's House
Currently this cutie is causing much distress in Storybook Lane as
Emma Swan in ABC's
Once Upon a Time

Plus I love the fact that she can rock both blond and brunette locks


  1. LOL! That is so true. I was a fan of hers ever since House (a show I also love). I just started Once Upon a Time and I am definitely in love with the show. So with you, she is adorable and a really great actress. Thank you for the awesome post hon :)

  2. I've only watched House a few times but when I did watch the show, I did like Dr Allison. :D

    I've never heard of Once Upon a Time which means that it doesn't air in NZ. Sucks where I live. :(

  3. @Amalia: Maybe you can watch Once Upon a Time online? Only 4 episodes have shown so far and it's been really good.


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