November 16, 2011

A Banshee's Tale Review & Giveaway

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Banshee (n) an Irish supernatural being of the wraith type. The name derives from the Gaelic bean si and implies "female fairy." She is usually the possession of a specific family, to a member or members of which she appears before the death of one of them.A folklore figure whose lamentation portends a family death. In the form of a solitary woman, bean sí in Irish meaning ‘woman of the sídh’, she derives from the mythological construct whereby a goddess presides over the fortunes of a kinship group. She is generally heard at night rather than seen, though some late stories portray her as a small, wizened old woman who combs her hair as she makes her cry. 

A Banshee's Tale is Veronical Breville's debut novel and like most debut novels it's raw and untouched by machinations of mass publishing. I managed to snag myself a copy by joining the member giveaway at Librarything and I'm glad that I did because not only did we get to be part of the blog tour but we managed to score TWO copies to be given away FREE. Details on that later on.
The plot is unique and the book is an easy read. It's light, pleasant and refreshing. Catherine Dalry is a normal teenager who has an amazing family, going through the normal motions of life. But she got more than her fair share of Irish blood apart from having red hair and creamy white skin sans the freckles, she's the latest Banshee from her mother's side of the family. So her backstory is already prepped for the supernatural and all the fun stuff that goes with it.

I like Catherine, she doesn't mince her words and just says it like it is, much like our blog. She's feisty and refuses to be a victim and a doormat. Being special didn't make her insecure in fact she turned it into one of her strengths and rose to the challenge of being a Guide. Zane, her Caomhnóir (pronounced Kaevnor) is also an interesting character; gorgeous, arrogant, matter-of-fact and mysterious.

Veronica Breville makes use of Irish myth wisely. It's always nice to read and get educated on other supernatural beings that litter the Earth, and a break from the usual fangers and hairy beasts are always a welcome challenge. As for the conflict in the story it's not as complicated as its counterparts. In my opinion, the confrontation with the Badbeh was a little underwhelming. The Badbeh are supposedly these badass body thieves and considering that Catherine and Zane, though charm protected, are newbies in the game, but somehow they managed to get away from these demons almost unscathed and they even saved/found the missing Guide! Beginners luck? I don't know, it was too easy and a little more adventure and roughing up could have been added to spice the story up a bit. I'm sure we'll be reading more about these villains in the succeeding book/s but right now, I see them more as a nuisance than threatening.

The ending totally blew my head away! My jaw was on the floor as I read the last couple of words: On the opposite of Will's family laid a name I was all too familiar with: Zane Michael Laroche.

Apparently there is literally more to Zane than being part of an almost extinct line of Caomhnóir. His line and involvement in Catherine's life is more complicated and I couldn't help but exclaim a loud WTH! after the last page. I instantly tweeted Ms. Breville to express my consternation about the whole thing and she of course replied good naturedly and said that she's excited to guest in our blog which you'll read about later.

Let me talk about the book cover a bit, and I say this with utmost respect and candidness: I hope that you can change it. By looking at it alone it's not really inviting, it seems that the story is more science fiction than supernatural, more clinical and arid than the dark and adventurous theme of the story. It's just a suggestion and maybe a survey or a focus group discussion would help.


The Writer's Coffeeshop Publishing House and Veronical Breville were kind enough to give out an Ebook for A Banshee's Tale.

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