October 8, 2011

Shadow Days a Nightshade Novella by Andrea Cremer

After Nightshade I suddenly had Calla withdrawals so I went ahead and read the novella Shadow Days from Andrea Cremer's site. And I found the video above as well as Shay Doran's YouTube channel.

Personally I prefer that they featured Ren instead but I think the person behind Shay's character is close to Ms. Cremer's heart so I'll just bow down and keep my opinions to myself.

So Shadow Days is a prequel to Nightshade. It follows Shay's move from Portland to Vail, Colorado and everything that happened before that momentous meeting with Calla and the bear up in the mountains.

It shows us that though Shay is a bit on the geeky side, he has a lot of other facets in his personality. He's well loved, popular among his peers and very curious. But it's that same curiosity that got him into trouble.  The estate's library is off limits but this rule did not deter him, there's something about that room that beckons to Shay.

Shay loves reading and Philosophy, which I strongly admire about this Cremer character. They both made Philo cool in this book, all that latin and different schools of thought integrated in a paranormal book about teenagers, I give you props Cremer! At  least the readers' brains will get scrambled in a good way and be acquainted with some classical thinking.
Anyway, going back to the story, Shay is a consummate reader like us here in Talk Supe so of course when you mention Library, it's impossible for him not to check it out. And that he did and found a treasure in the midst of those first edition spines. Thomas Hobbes' unpublished work, The War of All Against All, which seems like a textbook of sorts about alchemy and the history of witches, weres and other stuff. This is the reason why Hobbes' teachings are forbidden in Mountain High and why his Uncle's library is off limits.

The book holds details about Shay's destiny.

This led our hero to explore and follow the map enclosed which led him to that bear attack in the mountains that sealed his fate with Calla.

And we know what happened next.

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