October 18, 2011

Highland Fever over Karen Marie Moning

I discovered Karen Marie Moning by accident in one of my book haunts. I had a chick lit phase going and thought that I should try something new. I saw the cover of Shadowfever and decided to give the series a go. Best decision ever!

What happened next was one of the best two weeks of my reading life. I can't put the darn books down! I was so into Mac and Barrons but mostly I found V'lane sexy and beyond interesting. The chemistry between these three were so palpable at times it feels like the pages of the books are breathing with sex, passion and mystery.

I love Mac, I love how she transitioned from this blonde happy-go-lucky southern belle to this dark haired Unseelie killing machine. She wanted not just vengeance but everything to do with her sister Alina's death. And I felt her guilt and frustration. I felt her attraction to Barrons and really found her interactions with V'lane hilarious. Stripping in a museum and having spontaneous orgasms? Wow! I've never read anything like this.    

I've read countless stories about fairies but nothing like FAERY. V'lane is this stone faced, cold hearted guy who can give Mac all the riches in the universe but doesn't feel an ounce of human emotion but just mimics it! He is sexy as hell but his eyes are as cold as dry ice. A perfect combination of hot and cold. The Fae history and the power that they wield reeled me in and the way Moning just put us in suspense about the King, Queen and the Concubine got me speculating nonstop.

And och! Jericho Barrons! Heaven help me but why create such an impossible man to find or even conjure in real life?! He is the reason why KMM's page is currently under supervision because fans are just so passionate about him. No mortal man can ever come close to the idea of Barrons but there is much about the man that remains unknown. I was elated when KMM announced her movie deal and writing more Fever books.

So of course with this tremendous find, I hounded Cimmaron to pick up the series as well. At first I felt anxious that she wouldn't like it but I'm glad that it went the other way. Thus this blog and everything else Became.

Now Cimmaron took it further, she went back and gave the Highlander Series a go. If you've been following our blog for quite some time, you might have read about Cimmaron gushing about these Scottish warriors. So hoping to get me infatuated with these Highlanders, she lent me the first seven books.

Overall I found the series funny and I was happy to pick up new terms like toop, tupping and doona ken. These men are magnificent creatures and how cool is it that they are like Barrons? Tall, dark and definitely handsome, pure undiluted testosterone. Even the side stories are funny, it's your typical romantic comedy in paper. I also loved that Aoibheal, pre-comatose, was a permanent fixture in all the books. It made me understand why the King fell in love with her and caused all that shiznit to go down in Fever.

My favorite are Hawk and Grimm's stories. It was non stop LOL alternated by delicious shivers running up and down my spine the entire time I was reading it. All the stories are old school historical romance that I'd lose sleep over when I was in my teens. The characters are engaging and the scenarios are so ridiculous that I can't help but wish I'd fall in a cave and wake a slumbering Highlander.

The Highlander series is a hodgepodge of everything you want in a romance novel. It has all the right ingredients that would make you want to plan a trip to Scotland and start wearing a lot of plaid and wish a guy who's six and a half feet tall would come and claim you as theirs.

It's obvious that I'm rambling and that's because I can't get enough of Karen and her world. I wish she writes a Fae series after Fever and I'm praying that the movie adaptation will be as kick ass as the novels.


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