October 3, 2011

Girl Crush Mondays: Amber Heard

It's Girl Crush Mondays again on Talk Supe and this week's crush is
Amber Heard!

She looks familiar becuase you might've seen her in movies like Zombieland playing the college girl in room 406, or Demi Moore's saucy "daughter" in The Joneses, or even Penn Badgley's sexy girlfriend in The Stepfather.

When I saw her as Piper in Drive Angry opposite Nick Cage that's when my
admiration for this no-nonsense chick developed. This girl can do some action scenes convincingly, talk about feisty female!

Like Payne from Black Dagger Brotherhood, I like girls who can kick some serious a$$ and has the attitude to go with it. Plus she can rock whatever hair color there is and those almond eyes just screams old Hollywood screen siren don't you think?

To see more of Amber Heard, you can watch her on NBC's The Playboy Club as
Bunny Maureen and she's also starring opposite Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary

See you next week for another episode of Girl Crush Mondays!
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  1. Drive Angry is my husband's favorite movie, lol I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is so pretty. AND THE PLAYBOY CLUB IS DVR'ED EVERY WEEK.

    Great idea for mondays blog posts!!

  2. Thanks Nat and WELCOME BACK! I hope you're writing the next chapter to Pinky Promise :D

  3. It's a shame that I am reading about this lovely and talented actress on the same day that her show "The Playboy Club" is cancelled. But hopefully she goes on to better things. And that she doesn't need to explain her sexuality to the media ever again.
    That won't happen but it would be nice if it weren't made a big deal of.


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