September 9, 2011

Supernatural Season 7

I've been following Supernatural since it's 2005 because the show is just a breath of fresh air from reality TV, sitcoms and the like. Supernatural was alone in its genre plus Jensen Ackles was just HAWT (I dare you to say otherwise).

I mean who doesn't love a good urban legend story? Plus the humour was just spectacular, my favorite episodes to date are the Trickster/Gabriel episodes, except the one where he dies. But Tall Tales, Mystery Spot and Changing Channels are hilarious!

Supernatural is just The maverick of it's time. While Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks were working the small screen with their haute couture, photoshoots and emaciated models, Sam and Dean were driving cross country, hunting down legendary creatures. It's the perfect couch potato show when the weather gets too cold to party or if the weekend gets blah. The Winchester Brothers will be there to warm you up nice and toasty.

After Season 5, where the main storyline was concluded, there have been reports that it will be cancelled after Season 6. Thank God Season 7 will see the light of day, even if there are upcoming similar shows like NBC's Grimm and ABC's Once Upon a Time, the boob tube will not be the same without the Winchester Brothers.

The New Boss

Here is Jared Padalecki's interview with Entertainment Weekly about Supernatural Season 7.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are kind of up a creek this season.
JARED PADALECKI: They are. We’ve done so very much on this show and put Sam and Dean in so many strange positions, and now here we are in season 7 and we’re going, “Well, what can possibly happen to them now.” But what’s been wonderful and a real blessing from the character’s perspective over the last few years is that we’ve accumulated these friends and this angel who can get us out of tight spots and all these little home bases that have really been a boon for our hunting business, so to speak. And now we’re gradually losing touch with all of these. Hunters are being killed off, we lost this angel on our shoulders. So now we see the boys in a position that they’ve been in before, but usually they’ve had more artillery at their disposal. 

Lastly, Supernatural has a bit of competition on Friday night. Along with Fringe, NBC’s Grimm, which is in a similar wheelhouse, is also starting up. What do you make of this? How is Supernatural going to fare?Maybe I should be worried about it, but I take it as a compliment. A lot of these supernatural shows come and go. And I do watch Fringe and Josh [Jackson] is a buddy. I guess you can say, bring it. We’ve been on seven years. Good luck catching up. [Laughs] But I’ll take it as a compliment. When Supernatural came out, there were a lot of procedurals and you were either a doctor or a cop or lawyer, otherwise the show didn’t stay on TV. And then we came around, and I don’t want to say we were trailblazers, but we found our niche. And, like I said, we’re not getting 100 million viewers every week, but we have some people who are passionate and passionate about the genre.*

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  1. This is a great post hon. I love this show, it is full of all the paranormal I want and laughs. I can't believe there was talk about it getting cancelled. I can't wait for the next season especially due to how Cass ends up. I was screaming at my television like a crazy person LOL! Sucks that it will be on during other shows I watch. I love Fringe and Grimm looks very interesting. Great post again hon and by the way, I am a Project Runway fan, leave Klum out of it LOL!

  2. I haven't seen any Fringe episode. I know I'm such a big fan of Cass but I think he's starting to lose it this season.

    Speaking of Project Runaway, a former contestant, Chris March has his own show in Bravo I think. I'll be checking that out. Auf Wiedersehen!


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