September 19, 2011

Review: Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Series: Dark-Hunter
Format: Hardback
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Source: Library
Genre: Adult, PNR
Purchase Link: Amazon

Orphaned as a child and raised by vampires, Abigail Yager lives for one purpose, and one purpose only: To avenge the deaths of vampires everywhere. To destroy the merciless Dark-Hunters who stalk and kill her adoptive race. But most of all, to find the one man responsible for brutally murdering her family: the ex-gunslinger Jess “Sundown” Brady…

Resurrected from death by a vengeful Greek goddess, Jess must hunt and destroy the creature who’s assassinating Dark-Hunters. The last thing he expects to find is a human face behind the killings—and especially one resembling the human who’d murdered him centuries ago. Jess knows he’s not the one who slaughtered Abigail’s parents. But now he must convince her of his innocence—and cross the abyss between human and vampire—before the darkest of powers rises to destroy them both.

Retribution is a story about Jess "Sundown" Brady and Abigail Yager. Brady, a bank robber, was killed by his partner Bart on his wedding day to Matilda. But the horror did not end there, Bart raped Matilda and sired a child with her who she eventually gave up for adoption.

Years later Brady met Laura who can pass as Matilda's doppelganger. Brady befriended her and found out that she is descended from Bart and Matilda's line. Brady then befriended Laura and remained close with her and her daughter Abigail.

But Laura's husband was jealous of Brady and after an ugly confrontation between the three of them, Abigail's parents were murdered and she suspected that Brady is behind it. After being orphaned she got adopted by Apollites who fed her mind with inaccurate information about Hunters.

Fueled by her desire to hunt and kill Brady, Abigail became the Apollite's assassin against Artemis' army until their worlds collide and they ended up playing for the same team. They discover that their fates run deeper and go way back and finally the truth of what happened the night of Abigail's parents' murder was revealed which left her betrayed, furious and definitely heartbroken.

This is the latest Dark-Hunter novel and the plot is exciting! I've missed Kenyon and her sarcastic Hunters with their biting dialogues. The story is multi-layered, defnitely entertaining and packed with action and adventure: It's the end of the world and Las Vegas is ridden by plagues, imagine trying to get out of that!

Though the Hunters are ruled by the Greek Pantheon, Kenyon touched on Native American myth, as a homage to her own mixed heritage. It's definitely a good break from the usual formula that Kenyon employs with this series. A couple of other Hunters also made cameos on this book like Zarek, Sin and Talon. My favorite is Sasha, who was Astrid's wolf in Dance with the Devil, his quips are funny and the wet dog jokes sure were hilarious. I hope Ms. Kenyon writes a novel for Sasha soon. And Choo Co La Tah, the name itself is a hoot, a Native American guardian with a British accent! You gotta love Kenyon's humor.

Now I usually love Kenyon romance because she knows how to write them and she really, really does it well. What cheapened Brady and Abigail's love story is when they made love for the first time in a car, inside a car wash place, while a swarm of wasps awaits them outside, thinking that they won't survive the onslaught. Like really?!?! It's like a scene taken from a bad adult movie.

But to compensate for this, Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote a bonus scene! Tory and Acheron are having a baby and we get an inside scoop on this event, afterall it won't be a Dark-Hunter book without Acheron stealing the scene.
"I swear if that's a pair of demon horns digging into my belly and stabbing me right now, Ash, I'm to beat you after it's born" ~ Tory
What's interesting about this is, SPOILER ALERT! Artemis ends up delivering their baby because nobody knows how to deliver a child of mixed human and Atlantean divinity. And surprise! Surprise! The "heifer Goddess" didn't throw a hissy fit and was in fact very calm and accepting about the whole thing. Makes me wonder if Kenyon is going soft on Artemis. I hope not because I like her as a "villain" and she is yet to recieve her comeuppance from Acheron and all the shiznit she made him go through.

I enjoyed the book very much and I think that Jess and Abigail's story is far from over. The way it ended suggested as much and honestly we need more stories based on Native American myth.


  1. I have only read book 1 so far, but I loved it. I couldn't put it down. I will be catching up because this story sounds very intriguing. Ahhhh, I hate being left behind, but as long as I am reading, who cares?! Great review hon, thank you :)

  2. I know you love BDB and I'm sure you love Zsadist... so if you want to give Kenyon a try then pick up Acheron. That's the quintessential Hunter story and he is Kenyon's Z. The novel is long-ish around 700p but his story is good.


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