September 2, 2011

Mortal Instruments Movie

Clary Fray (Lilly Collins) & Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower)

Mortal Instruments is one of the most anticipated movie of the Generation YA in 2012. If you're not familiar with the story well it's about Fallen Angels protecting us humans from the forces of evil. Smack in the middle is Clary and Jace, their quest to save the world from their father gone rogue, Valentine, and conquer all with their undying love for each other. Well there's more to it but in a nutshell that's basically the story.

 As per IMDB the man behind the movies Priest and Legion, Scott Charles Steward, will be directing the film. Now I love those two movies, dark and action packed, so I'm hoping that Mortal Instruments will be something like that and not dwell too much on the love story part. I'm curious to see how the City of Bones and Glass would look like because reading the book it sounds amazing. And I hope they don't edit too much the summoning in the lake and the war between different forces. That should be visually stimulating.

Jamie Campbell Bower is getting some household recognition lately for his part in the Twilight phenom and Harry Potter movies. These films helped him land his own show in Starz, the short-lived medieval series Camelot as the mythological King Arthur. As Jace Wayland I'm not sure he can pull it off compared to the fan favorite Alex Pettyfer. We all know Jace is athletic, hot and acid as quicklime so as far as Bower's acting I just have to wait and see and hold off on my criticism. Currently I'm not sold that he's perfect for the role.

Although Lily Collins is one of the most sought after actress in young Hollywood with Abduction (with rumoured boyfriend Taylor Lautner) premiering soon and a Snow White movie in the works, aside from The Blind Side and the Priest, we haven't really seen a lot of her work. But maybe being Clary Fray will be her breakout role because if the screenplay is done right, we'll really see her showcase her acting chops.

Anyway, this is her interview with MTV getting all excited about Mortal Instruments.


  1. I'm super excited about this movie. I think it's really packed with action and romance. It's like combining Twilight and Harry Potter. There are vampires, warlocks, werewolves, and creatures that are beyond our imagination. I'm kind of excited who will play the other important roles such as Simon, Alec, Isabelle and Magnus. Have you got anything in mind?

  2. me too! you know I read Clare get it on with another fan about Jamie Campbell Bower not good enough and Clare defended him saying his audition was good and he IS jace so now I want to see the audition and the movie.

    As for who'd play the other characters I didn't really think about it much. Sorry :D


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