September 23, 2011

American Horror Story
Is it just me or is there a deluge of paranormal TV? I think as October creeps in, there will at least be one show on the small screen inspired by monsters and other creatures of the night. Even Snow White is turning dark on ABC's Once Upon A Time!

Well that's good to know, it's sort of a confirmation that Cimmaron and I are not alone with our fascination with these preternatural beings.

FX just joined the bandwagon and have their own show simply titled American Horror Story. The people behind it are the bubble gum and rainbow Glee duo, Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuck who was also behind that other dark hit Nip/Tuck.

Now what is making me curious about this show is the promising cast. Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton, who just got nominated for an Emmy for Friday Night Lights, plays this couple who moved to LA from Boston to "reconcile past anguish". They move in to this old, beautiful house that has a history of violence and death since the 1940's. Jessica Lange plays Constance and is one of the numerous ghosts of the house.
Frances Conroy, Alexandrea Breckenridge and Eric Stonestreet are some of the guest characters for the series.

Another amazing thing about this show is their website
The background music itself will give you the heebie jeebies.
It's this interactive site and you can subscribe to what-nots from the show from news to giveaways. If you click on the highlighted trinkets, you'll get more information about people who used to reside in that fun house, crime scenes and
other artifacts and clues about its past.
It's a very cool site and if you sign up you can get codes to unlock other house secrets.

Based on the teasers and previews, the series has a touch of humour about it despite the fact that it's dark.

So if you're not into Supe books but is into Supe TV, this is a basic schedule for you.

Sunday: ABC Once Upon a Time (October 23)
Wednesday: FX American Horror Story (October 5)
Thursday: CW Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle
Friday: FOX Fringe; CW Supernatural; NBC Grimm (October 21)


  1. I am with you guys, they are really pulling out the creepy for October. I love it, these are usually the shows I stick with LOL! American Horror Story looks incredible. I have seen the teasers so many times and they still freak me out. Actually, they are more scary than most of the horror movies that release in theaters. I am just saying LOL! Great post you guys. I am really looking forward to all of these shows and The Walking Dead coming back on the 16th. I am obsessed with that show. Thanks again :)

  2. There are a lot of existing shows and the upcoming ones looks pretty good too, it's so hard to keep up!

  3. I agree, it's awesome to see so many new supernatural shows!

    One thing that I noticed was that they put Grimm, Supernatural and Fringe all in the same time slot! Which in the era of DVRs and downloads is no big deal, but what about ratings? I'd hate to have Supernatural take a dip in ratings because people want to check out Grimm...

  4. Hey Lady - I know, I'm a Supernatural loyalist too! I hope doesn't take a big hit, it used to be on a Thursdays I remember then they moved it, maybe they should've stayed with Thursdays.


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