August 22, 2011

Wolf Gift and Serialized Books

 Anne Rice, author of the bestselling series Vampire Chronicles, Mayfair Witches and numerous stand-alone novels including Rameses the Damned, Servant of the Bones and The Feast of All Saints to name a few, has recently announced that she has ventured into the world of Weres.

In our previous piece, we posted her interview for MTV announcing her new novel Wolf Gift which is still waiting a release date as of the moment. The Queen of Vampires had an interview with Examiner and gave her fans more details about her upcoming and very much anticipated novel Wolf Gift and other plans of creating a serialized story. Below is a snippet on her interview from

Anne Rice
On Wolf Gift:
"The Wolf Gift" has just been accepted for publication and I think the publisher would schedule and announce the publication soon. Then I can make more information about it available to my readers. Right now I would like to say that I loved writing the book, loved working with a new supernatural hero, my Man Wolf, Reuben Golding, and loved working with a new cosmology and origin story for werewolves.
I immensely enjoyed her novels and her myth regarding the origin of her Vampires in Queen of the Damned was one of the best I've read if not The best so far. Well Ms. Rice wouldn't be dubbed Queen of Vampires for nothing.

She further states that she has plans of creating a serialized book available for tablet applications such as Kindle, Nook and for PC.

"it would be exciting to develop the story in "episodes" and to have a website for reader feedback, and possibly for "fan art" as my readers loving doing paintings and drawings of the characters.

"The book we want to serialize concerns two teenagers who find themselves transformed into something not human by something of a mad but brilliant scientist.  They are launched on a journey to discover why the man did this to them, and how he obtained the power to work the transformation.  I don't want to say much more.  We hope to do episodes every two weeks, offered on kindle, Nook, iPad and computer.  And ultimately the full book would be published in paperback and possibly hardcover as well.  The fun of it revolves around its being a series.  It might have many many episodes."

I guess Ms. Rice is set to rule the world wide web as she seems no longer satisfied with fan interaction through Facebook and Twitter but plans on conquering the digital age with her writing as well. I feel that she's doing great service to readers all over the world by making her work more accessible and current.

Not only that, Anne Rice actually COMMUNICATES with her fans and even encourages their creativity and acknnowledge their comments, suggestions and thoughts. For a society that is so celebrity-ridden, it's very heartwarming that the person whose work you really admire remains grounded and still finds the time to reach out to her fans. I wish I can say the same thing for some authors out there who have not even reached a lick of Ms. Rice's success and yet act like divas.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Wolf Gift and this serialized story that Anne Rice is trying to develop. If it's anything like vintage Anne then most likely I'll be first in line to get a hold of her latest work.

For more updates you can visist her site at or you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.


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