August 26, 2011

Talk Supe Casting Couch: Immortals Series

We reported the other day that Alyson Noel's Immortals Series will be immortalized in either the big or small screen. Although Ms. Noel said that she doesn't have anybody in mind to play the roles of her characters because she "sees them so clearly in her mind", and would "love to be part of the casting process".

No as you all know, we are very fond of doing Casting Couches but just to make everything clear, we are doing this just for FUN and like everyone's dream casts these are just the people we'd like to see play the roles of characters we like if not love. 

Now as per Alyson Noel, she'd prefers break-out or fresh actors to portray her characters but should they decide to go mainstream, here are a couple of suggestions.

Damen Auguste
 I'm obsessed with Ben Barnes lately and upon reading the Immortals Series I know he'd be perfect to play the role of Damen. Dark, sexy, enigmatic and certainly wordly after living for 600 years. Playing the hedonistic Dorian Gray really captured the essence of the old Damen minus the creepy painting of course.

Ever Bloom
Sara Paxton has come a long way from Clueless, although she plays the part of the airhead fashionista well, her gig in Last House on the Left said that there's more to her than eyelash batting and hair-flipping.

Drina Auguste
Rachel Lefevre is a good character actress. Her good looks alone can either intimidate or scare you. She is actually an effective villain and with her red hair and a pair of green contacts she's Drina in the flesh.

Alex Pettyfer as the rogue Immortal Roman. He's British so no need to fake the accent and from what I've heard he has the attitude to boot. So as Roman, Alex will just be playing himself.

Francia Raisa is a good teenage villain, I've seen her in a couple of episodes in ABC's The Secret Life of an American Teenager and she'll really get under your skin.

OK I took a dash of creative license here and picked Mark Indelicato as Miles. Giving this cast a little Latin flavor, afterall they're in California plus his gig in Ugly Betty is similar to Miles, the actor wannabe who is so fabulous High School is just too small of a stage to hold his talent.
Jude is a sexy surfer who happens to be Ever's other possible soul mate. Though William Moseley doesn't have dreadlocks he sure got that California sun and tan going on for him with those wavy locks.
So that's our latest Casting Couch edition. Let us know what you think.


  1. OMG. Damen and Roman are perfect! Can you read in my mind or what?! :D But Ever and Jude aren't the perfect ones i think


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