August 11, 2011

Talk Supe Casting Couch: The Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Brothers is a pretty tall order because honestly who is universally prettier than Brad Pitt?! In any case, we love these characters and their stories and persons so unique it's a shame they are fictional. So in a random act of rebellion, our Casting Couch is our way of dragging them to our world and give them some semblance of reality.

As for our beloved David Gandy, he's one of the motivators of this blog so it's only fitting that we remain faithful to him and cast him in our couch. All. The. Time.

So we hope you'll love this movie as much as we did doing it for you.


  1. If this who you imagine as the brothers then I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this series. and i look forward to vishous' story especially since mr. david gandy fits his character description.

  2. OMG! V is into BDSM and he has magic hands my dear. So better prep yourself for some leather and chains action

  3. YES! Tie me up Mr. Gandy. I mean, Vishous.

  4. You know I never thought of Gandy as V, but I can see that. Oh my God, Gandy in leather. I think I just squealed LOL!

    But you guys have put together an amazing cast. Some of them I imagined while reading. I definitely see Manganiello as Manny. He was the first person that popped in my head.

    I always thought Amy Lee from Evanescence would make a great Payne. Her description just fits her. But I love your choice. Eva Green as the Scribe Virgin is absolutely brilliant. She is gorgeous and has a very regal appearance about her. She is always a woman who is in charge.

    Love your choices guys, you guys did an amazing job. Bookmarked!

  5. That picture of Gandy plus face tatoos is just perfect! His eyes are so intense just like how I imagined V would be.

    The characters are hella tricky because they're supposed to be super tall creatures and warriors to boot! In my mind, a little tweaking on the eye & hair color will do the trick. I picked Loken coz she can get away with being a warrior and she's hella tall. But now that you've mentioned Amy Lee, I can see her as Payne too.

    I love Eve Green and her speaking voice! Since the Scribe Virgin is always shrouded, her voice will do the acting for her.

    Glad you liked it.


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