August 22, 2011

Sherrilyn Kenyon on Hollywood Hills

Before Karen Marie Moning announced her movie deal with Dreamworks, one of Talk Supe's favorite author, Sherrilyn Kenyon also announced her own Hollywood deal. We know we're kinda late in reporting this but what the heck, here's our take on this wonderful news!

Sherrilyn Kenyon with her
Simi & Acheron Dolls

Variety reports that:

Amber Entertainment has signed a partnership with prolific paranormal novelist Sherrilyn Kenyon to develop and produce films, television and webisodes based on her books.

First project to be developed is “Chronicles of Nick,” based on the young adult series. In the first book, “Infinity,” 14-year-old Nick Gautier discovers that the football team has been turned into zombies, sets out to stop the attacks and learns he has a key role in an unseen world.

Kenyon will serve as producer alongside Ileen Maisel, founding partner of Amber.

“As a longtime fan of the films that both Ileen Maisel and Mark Ordesky have produced, I couldn’t be more excited,” Kenyon said. “I look forward to working with them to make my characters flesh-and-blood people.”

Kenyon has penned more than 60 novels. Her “Dark-Hunter” vampire series has sold more than 22 million copies and been adapted into a manga published by St. Martins, while her Lords of Avalon novels have been adapted by Marvel comics.
I am thrilled that their first project is the Chronicles of Nick, not only is Nick Gaultier a very interesting character but if the screen adaptation will be anything like the books then it will be beyond entertaining. I can already see droves of teenagers screaming and giggling for Nick Gaultier and his fellow Dark-Hunters.
While Kenyon is no newbie on translating her series into another media, it's worth noting that she'll co-produce this project. I personally find it essential that the creator gets a say in things like these, that way the integrity of her work is maintained and will not be maimed by thugs in Hollywood. Adaptation is one tricky business because more often than not things get lost in translation because someone wants to piggy back on the writer's vision but decides to make changes because s/he thinks that it will look better that way. Well as a fan, don't add or delete things that will change the story, making it into something unrecognizable. I'm all for visual entertainment but it's also imperative that the integrity of the story be  maintained.

So there you go folks, one more series to follow in the small/big screen.


  1. Finally!!! I knew eventually Sherrilyn would get some kind of hollywood deal. I love her novels and the Dark-Hunters series especially. Can't wait to see my fav characters come to life on screen.


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