August 22, 2011

Shadowland by Alyson Noel

Series: The Immortals 3
Format: Hardback
Release Date: November 17, 2009
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Ever and Damen have traveled through countless past lives - and fought off the world's darkest enemies - so they could be together forever. But just when their long-awaited destiny is finally within reach, a powerful curse falls upon that could destroy everything. Now a single touch of their hands or a soft brush of their lips could mean sudden death - plunging Damen into the Shadowland. Desperate to break the curse and save Damen, Ever immerses herself in magick - and gets help from an unexpected source - a surfer named Jude.

Although she and Jude have only just met, he feels startlingly familiar. Despite her fierce loyalty to Damen, Ever is drawn to Jude, a green-eyed golden boy with magical talents and a mysterious past. She's always believed Damen to be her soul mate and one true love - and she still believes it to be true. But as Damen pulls away to save them, Ever's connection with Jude grows stronger - and tests her love for Damen like never before.
After Ever fell for Roman's deciet in believing that Roman will let her off the hook that easily, she now finds that she and Damen are royally messed up. A mere touch or kiss or an accidental brush of their skin can cause Damen's death.

Damen on the other hand is having an introspection phase after his NDE (near death experience). He is feeling a lot of remorse towards himself and his hedonistic way of life in the past and how he feels he's interfering with Ever's life and past lives. He feels that he's being punished and decided to do some "cleansing" to the point where he told Ever he's willing to let her go and live her life the way she sees fit without him if necessary.

This is a transition book, a little calm before the big storm hits I think. Although it makes sense that Noel would focus on Ever and Damen a bit and have them deal with their issues after both of them nearly died for one reason or another. A lot has happened between them and a serious discussion has been long overdue.

I like how Ever sticks with Damen and how she is so stubbornly loyal to him even after he shows her that there is another man who is constantly in her life that gets bumped because he decided to be selfish and have Ever for himself. I don't understand why Damen is acting this way because it's a little too late to let Ever hang out to dry, people are already after her and there are constant threats made to her life. But at the same time I also understand why he's doing this, realizing that maybe it's because of his incessant manipulations that causes bad things to happen and he wants to rectify that in this lifetime.

I am not a fan of Damen in this book. His strength of character is slowly diminishing and he's starting to act like a pansy and I can't stand that. He's 600 years-old and he spent his formative years in times where men were considered the stronger sex. Sure he's living in modern times but like the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," I find it a bit inconsistent and hard to believe that Damen is just being so passive about all this especially now that Ever is an immortal and he's finally has his shot with her, it's only logical that he'd be more protective and possessive of Ever especially after the events that happened in Blue Moon.

As for Ever, I also find her a bit whiney in this book although that should be no surprise considering that she's still a teenager. Still she should have more sense than to dabble with magick when she doesn't even have a clue how it works. So of course things got messier after she unknowingly tapped dark magick which resulted to her being bound to Roman. Good job genius! LOL

I miss Riley's character but it's good that she's making an appearance or two so far, always being there to guide her big sister and asking others to help her. Who I don't like is Ever's frenemy Haven who is jealous of her but Ever is too naive to see through the guise of friendship. Anyway we'll read more of their relationship on Dark Flame. I'm also looking forward to how Ever and Jude's relationship will unfold. I don't want to give out any spoilers but suffice to say that Damen has some serious competition on this surfer dude.

What goes around comes around.

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