August 11, 2011

Guest Blogger: Offbeat Vagabond

As some of you may know, I started taking reading seriously again about three years ago now. Seeing all that I missed out on does make me regret putting down books in the first place. Then again, the books I was reading were from my grandma’s bookshelf, so that might have played a big part in my separation. But about three years ago, after the premiere of True Blood, I started again because I wanted to know what would become of Sookie Stackhouse.  But I fell in love with the world and it was here I made it my mission to spread my wings.
Now, I can’t part with Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance.  I love all sorts of genres mind you, but those two have become my niche. These genres have brought about books that I have lost countless hours of sleep over. And you know what? The insomnia is so worth it. So here are just a few of many, many series that I have lost sleep over and please take this in the nicest way possible, but I hope you lose sleep over them too.

1)      The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

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This one of my favorite series because it has everything; I mean EVERYTHING I could possibly want in a series. Every UF list I make will always and forever have this series on it because it is just that damn good. Every book in the series has some of the most interesting villains. It is so refreshing finding a series that has unconventional villains. Villains that you never heard of, some of which I still can’t pronounce, but all are something new. I love how well researched this series is. I know when I pick up a new book from this series, I will get something new. The plots always grab and keep my attention.

The characters are also to die for. All the characters bring so much to the series. They are versatile and they all feed off each other. There is so much chemistry between everyone. Kate Daniels is one of the greatest heroines ever in my opinion. She is smart, tough as nails, and hilarious. She never leaves anyone behind; always puts herself on the line for someone or the world, either way she gets things done. And never forget Curran, OH CURRAN! There is a reason he is on the top of every best book boyfriend list. Not enough words in the world to describe just how incredible he is. I love that he is a super strong werelion, but he treats Kate as his equal.  One of the many reasons they work so well together is because they are each other’s equals.
If you haven’t started this series, you need to start now. Ilona Andrews will definitely make it to your favorite authors list in a heartbeat. My bookshelf really wouldn’t be the same without it.

2)      The Maker’s Song series by Adrian Phoenix

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I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled on this series, but the moment I did, I knew I was in for something special. Phoenix is one of my favorite authors because her writing is really out of the ordinary. Her stories are so deep and complex. Never take things at face value with her books because everything has a meaning or a connection. Reading her books is like putting together a puzzle. You can only get so much of the picture at a time.

I love the complexity of this and the fact it is an Urban Fantasy series, makes it all the more amazing. You will meet some of the most lovable and memorable characters in this series. From Dante; the world’s sexiest vampire-angel hybrid rocker with powers and looks of a god to Von; the world’s sexiest badass motorcycling nomad. Trust me; there is plenty in this series for everyone.

The Maker’s Song series is a dark and beautifully written masterpiece in my opinion. It may not be for everyone, given the complexity, but this series is so worth it because I know my mind will be blown everytime.

3)      The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward

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Oh goodness YES! Not only is this an amazing Urban Fantasy series, but it is also one of my favorite Paranormal Romance series EVER! One of the first I started actually. I was apprehensive about starting it at first. I started reading Dark Lover (book 1) one night at about 10 PM. Next thing I know, I didn’t put it down until 4 AM the morning. For a debut to hook me like this, I knew Ward was going on my must-stalk list.

The plots to each book are sexy and intense. The men are incredible! They are all different, but each of them is hard not to love. We get twists and turns, fantastic storylines, and some of the sexiest scenes you will ever read. I never get bored with this series and it is heading on its tenth book which I am impatiently waiting for. So that should tell you of my and many other fans dedication to this series.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a fantastic series that women will and have swoon over. I also know of a few men who read it given how badass the Brothers are, but I am sure they still wouldn’t openly admit it. Nonetheless, this is a great series that should not be missed for any reason.

4)      Fever series by Karen M. Moning

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I hate admitting this, but I do judge books by their covers sometimes. I know, I know. But I can’t help it sometimes. So when I saw the original cover to Darkfever (the one before the dark street one we know), I wasn’t jumping up and down in my seat. As a matter of fact, I bypassed it for weeks on my Stanza app. It was being offered for free from Random House. But I read the summary and though, “What the hell?” I started it and after a few chapters, I fell in love.
I won’t lie; MacKayla (Mac) sort of annoyed me at first. She was so Barbie-like, but after a while, seeing what she would do to avenge her sister really made me love her. I love how each book shows us Mac growing into her own, her slowly growing some balls and slowly showing some claws. And then we have Barrons. Barrons, in my opinion, is the greatest book boyfriend ever. I don’t think I can come up with enough words to describe what exactly it is about Barrons that makes him incredible, but trust me, he is.

I may have been apprehensive at first, but this series will creep up on you, in a good way. Each book leaves you on the edge of your seat and leaves you completely baffled. I don’t think I have ever read a series with cliffhangers that sent me reeling the way this did. The Fever series gets more action packed, darker, and sexier with every book. If Urban Fantasy isn’t your thing, this series is sure to change your mind.

5)      The Blood Curse series by Tessa Dawn
Now I was debating making my last choice this or the Night Huntress series (which I looooove), but I chose this series because more people need to know about it. It is a new series, but it has become a favorite pretty quickly for me.  I said in my review for the first book, Blood Destiny, that don’t go into this thinking it is just another book on vampires. It takes the mythology of vampires and shines a new light on it, gives it a different perspective. And man it is refreshing.

I was flabbergasted by the impact this series had on me. The vampire legend she has given us will leave your mouth wide open. If you love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, this will be right up your alley.

Now although this may be like the BDB, be warned, this series isn’t for everyone. The Blood Curse series is very dark and violent. It does have scenes that are terrifying to read through, but that doesn’t take away from this series. If anything, it makes it more real, well as real as a vampire book can be. When Dawn creates monsters, she creates MONSTERS. The Blood Curse series is dark and unique. Full of blood, horror, and action. It is also quite sexy and actually has some nice lighthearted moments. This series will definitely put you through the emotional ringer and boy does it feel good.

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 Thanks Diana for sharing your favorites with us and for being our first Guest Blogger.
You can read more of Diana's book reviews, interviews and give aways in her blog and I'm pretty sure you'll end up stalking her like we did.
On a last note we'd like to greet you, Diana aka Offbeat Vagabond, a belated     HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Thank you Offbeat Vagabond for being our first guest blogger. Now I have a few more series I need to add to my ever growing reading list. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Thanks so much Cimmaron and you are welcome. Happy I could help LOL! Thank you for the happy birthday too hon :)

  3. Somehow I missed this the first time! Sorry Diana! Amazingly enough I have only read one of these series, the Fever Series (and I thought I was an avid reader of urban fantasy). I'll use this as a suggestion list next time I'm looking for a new series!


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