August 18, 2011

Fright Night Movie

Finally a decent Vampire movie!

Lately the visual media have been dominated by these annoying teenage, emo Vampires. Thank God for True Blood! otherwise people will be brainwashed and would have this ridiculous notion that Vampires are ancient pansies (my sissy Cimmaron's word) that are just as step or two away from being housebroken pets.

If you're a Vampire lover you'd know they are predators, territorial, dark and feral. There's nothing fuzzy about these night crawlers that's why they've been topping the monster food chain for centuries.

Fright Night is a good reminder of the above mentioned qualities and I think casting Colin Farrel is just genius. He does exude that menacing look about him that just says DANGER!

So grab your friends and catch this movie over the weekend and be reminded that Vampires NEVER EVER sparkle... not unless the light is right and they're drenched in blood.


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