August 5, 2011

Dark-Hunters v The Black Dagger Brotherhood

Dark-Hunters. The Shadows and keepers that rules and guards the night. Feared by Daimons and Apollites alike, they exist between the living and the dead. They are Immortals who fight rough but play hard and they love every minute of it. When the sun goes down, beware who watches you because it might be evil or it might be one of them.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Highly trained vampire warriors with incredible strength and rapid healing abilities bred from the finest DNA found within their race. They are aggressive, independent and very enigmatic. Their feats are legendary and their elite group is revered within the vampire world. One is warned not to cross a Brother because to do so would mean a downpour of unimaginable

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  2. Wow, that's a really hard one. These are my 2 favorite series ever. In my world, these 2 groups would join forces. That would be amazing :)

  3. What Anonymous said! i Can't choose!!!!!!


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