August 14, 2011

Covet by J.R. Ward [Deleted Chapter]

     Deleted Chapter here           Jensen Ackles as Vin DiPietro

I've been tinkering around J.R. Ward's site and found Covet's deleted chapter. It tells us what happened to Vin and Gretchen after they left the hospital.

I liked this "other ending" that Ward wrote, it tells us how Vin is planning his life with Gretchen (Marie-Therese) and her son. Davina is gone without a trace and the police will probably drop the charges against him.

I liked the scene in the car dealership where the guy was just taking him at face value, he was trying to buy Gretchen a new car, a Volvo, but since he drove Gretchen's Camry to the dealership the sales person thought he can't afford it. Now we all know Vin is hella rich and his pride made him put the guy in his place and taught the sales person a hard lesson on not judging books by its cover. That would've been an amazing scene to see in real life.

My heart just melted for Sean/Robbie, Gretchen's kid. He's so insightful for a seven year-old and how much he is looking for a father-figure and finding that in Vin is so moving. You can tell that there is so much promise in their relationship and that it will be nothing but sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice in their little family unit.

I better get myself a copy of Crave soon. I always love J.R. Ward's men, she knows how to make them swoon worthy: primal, territorial, hard & sexy, all the delicious qualities one can imagine.

excerpt here


  1. God I love this series! I can't wait for Veck's book to come out next month. I read the deleted chapter too and I agree, it gave us a better picture of Vin's life with Gretchen I don't understand why it was deleted. It felt truly complete after I read it. Great post hon. Hope you like book 2, it was great, but book 1 is my favorite so far :)

  2. I will start Crave hopefully next week. The plot seems more interesting than this one. I know, Vin & Gretchen are so sweet but I'm not buying the past-is-past thing lol. That shadow will continue to hunt Gretchen.

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