August 28, 2011

Byzantium the Movie (A Vampire Story)

Neil Jordan
So Neil Jordan, the man behind Showtime's Italian Renaissance series, The Borgias, and several film adaptations namely Michael Collins, End of the Affair and the unforgettable Interview with the Vampire, is out doing another Vampire movie, Byzantium, based on Moira Buffini's play, A Vampire Story.

The play is about two "sisters" who arrive in a quaint British town claiming to be 200 year-old vampires. The play itself raises the question of who's story is being told, is it the older sister/mother or is it the younger sister Eleanor?

Moira Buffini
The nameless older sister claims that their mother died three years ago and she was left as guardian to her sister, Eleanor. She'd take odd jobs while her sister goes to school. Eleanor on the other hand negates this story and says that she is not her sister but her mother and they are 200yo vampires. Teachers, counselors and parents urged them both to sort out their story and get help. Soon people start disappearing and the town's people start thinking if there is a grain of truth to the story that these two strangers told.

As of latest news there's no release date yet for the movie but given Mr. Jordan's record I'm confident that he'll deliver. Another plus in this upcoming movie is Ms. Buffini will also be involved in the adaptation. So if you've seen or familiar with the play then rest assured that the things that you loved about it will be kept.

Casting on the other hand has been announced and I'm glad to say that I like the actors they picked.

Saoirise Ronan (Lovely Bones), Gemma Aterton (Prince of Persia; Clash of the Titans) and Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men).


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