August 27, 2011

Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

excerpt here
Series: League Series 1
Format: Paperback
Release Date: January 1, 2009
Purchase Link: Amazon

Awakened from a drugged sleep in a cold cell, the Princess Kiara finds herself a prisoner of the merciless marauders who threaten her father's planetary kingdom. Miraculously, a rescuer appears, but behind his fearsome mask is the handsome face of a dark avenger whose outlaw touch sets her very soul aflame.

Since I've sort of developed a certain loyalty for Sherrilyn Kenyon's work and a friend gave me this series as a gift, I thought that I should give it a go. Sherrilyn Kenyon knows her men and I've always been a fan of her witty dialogue.

Now this one is far from a typical Supernatural themed book, it's actually a science fiction series set in the distant future. Now I know that this is far from what you'd normally see being read and reviewed in this page but out of curiousity let's give it a look-see.

The League Series is an action-packed book, fast paced and though it's futuristic the jargon slides smoothly in the tongue. The dialogue is not as biting as her Dark-Hunter series but it's still smart and barbed.

Born of Night is like The Bodyguard (yeah the one with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner). Nykyrian is a member of The League and is the organization's best assassin, Kiara, the heroine, is a famous ballet dancer and a Princess to boot, whose life he needs to protect from those hired killers set to get her.

As assassins, these men are damaged which explains the various comparisons made with BDB's Zsadist although the Brother's story remains unmatched. Anyway the characters are interesting, I like Syn (whose story will be told in the next book Born of Fire) and Darling. Like her Dark-Hunters, these assassins are bred from the tragedies of life and were trained to be the best in their field.

I didn't really warm up to this book, I find Nykyrian's story a bit cliche, an abandoned child turned dark who ended up a Royal Prince himself. And Kiara, a Princess who's a walking target because of her father's political alliance and eventually because of her association with Nyk. Maybe it's just their love match and how their characters are made up that didn't appeal to me however this is the first book in the series and from my experience the story gets better as one goes along. But don't take my word for it, it's probably because I'm not really into the sci-fi genre with flying ships and all that, you might end up liking it.

What I like about Kenyon is that she sees this characters so clearly in her mind there's even a tab reserved for them in her page. Nykyrian looks like Val Kilmer and Kiara looks like a young Carla Guigino. For more info and pictures of Sherrilyn's Cast of Characters click here ---->

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