August 25, 2011

Blue Bloods Series by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Blood Series Overview here

I just discovered this series and from what I've gathered it's like Vampire Gossip Girl. It's set in Manhattan, New York and we'll get a sneak peek at these old blood, NY socialites with their designer clothes and alpha personalities.

Based on past reviews and the like, the theme is a hodge podge of legends, primarily Vampires. But in de la Cruz's world, they are Fallen Angels who are cursed to be continuously reincarnated and are apparently day walkers. Can't wait to read her myth!

Our heroine is Schuyler Van Alen who is a half-vampire half-human and we'll accompany her on this life altering journey.

Reading order is as follows:
  1. Blue Bloods
  2. Masquerades
  3. Revelations
  4. The Van Alen Legacy
  5. Misguided Angel
  6. Bloody Valentine
  7. Lost in Time (September 27, 2011)

compiled short stories
Keys to the Repository is a companion novel and was released after The Van Alen Legacy. It's a compilation of short stories about some of the characters in the novel.

While Bloody Valentine is another compilation of short love stories about the main characters.

Lost in Time, the sixth book is to be release next month, September 27, 2011 and the seventh and final book of the series is scheduled for release Fall 2012.

If you're a bit on the fence about this one, you might want to start with her short stories to see if you like her style or not. These books have no bearing on the series and has no effect on the reading order. 

A Were series after this vampire one is next and it's a spin off of the fifth novel, Misguided Angel, titled Wolf Pact. The first book on this series will be released next year as well.

Melissa de la Cruz
When I stumbled upon this book I was very curious about the plot but also because of the author, Melissa de la Cruz. I'm curious about her writing style and at the same time I'd like to support a fellow Filipina's endeavor. She has written other novels as well like the Au Pair Series, The Ashleys and other stand-alone YA novels (click on her name for more info).


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