July 1, 2011

Talk Supe's Were Pack

I always have a thing for Weres and Shifters, the fact that they're still alive and can take long walks under the sun is so appealing. There is just a certain degree of vulnerability in them that stems from their constant struggle to remain human and not succumb to the animal inside that appeals to me. I just want to soothe their troubles knowing that at the same time they'll protect me.

This is Talk Supe's first Were Pack
Dwayne Johnson is my Alpha
Gerard Butler's accent alone makes my knees weak
Take my order coz your body like a carry out Alex O'loughlin 
Jeremy Renner bad boy through and through
Josh Hartnett is not your typical boy next door

Jared Leto's pleasant surprise
Reggie Bush will make you howl with him on a full moon
This is one Rain you won't wish to go away
Nick Zano may look like a cub but he's far from it

Happy hunting!


  1. Rain as the token Asian Were? I LOVE IT. And I totally agree with the Rock as the Alpha. My Goodness, he's a lovely BEAST!

  2. Yeah I remember the movie we saw with The Rock's cameo at the end and how we both agree that he needs to be a Were soon. And Rain, I saw Ninja Assassin and thought that he's got some Were in him. Swoon!

  3. I'm a bit late to this posting..but...yummy....Rain is a muscley young fella. Love all your choices. I love popping around your blog looking at your earlier postings when I have time. Well done!!



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