July 10, 2011

If You Love Me Then Why Am I Dying?

I'll just get it out of the way and say that our Viking Lover, Eric Northman, is so adorable in this episode (watch out for the scene where he steps on Sookie's rug)! Alexander Skarsgard's current haircut just adds to his boyish appeal and those big, blue puppy dog eyes completes the look deliciously.

So far this season is shaping up nicely for Sookie and Eric. If you've read Dead to the World you'd understand why we're anxious and excited about how Alan Ball is going to let this season play out. Fingers crossed, I hope he doesn't deviate too much from the book and leave the intense Sookie & Eric relationship as it is (meaning more shirtless and naked Northman scenes).

Back to tonight's episode, Marni aka Fiona Shaw, is just magical as the non assuming antagonist in this season. She plays the innocent villain effectively and I have a hunch that I'll really hate her come season finale. There's just some weird stuff going, like summoning someone whom I surmise is somehow connected to Eric's past which was  apparent in his panic-stricken face when Marni cast that spell on him last week.

Pam is hot on Lafayette's heels knowing that he was partly responsible for Eric's current vulnerability and as Eric's child, she's duty bound to protect him at all cost. Of course Tara and Jesus went out to save him and made a deal with Pam that they will do their best to have Marni reverse the spell after much threatening from both sides.

Kristin Bauer Von Straten is so delightful and captures the essence of Pam perfectly but I can't say the same for Rutina Wesley playing Tara, she is just overdoing her role a bit. I want deliverance for Tara because she's been through a lot of stuff but the way her character's storyline is going she's starting to become annoying. I still have to decide whether it's her acting or her story but right now I'm not a current fan.

As for Jason, he's still strapped on a filthy bed in Hotshot. Speaking of which, I'm not sure about what I feel in regards to the WerePanthers being so gritty but it sure is interesting. In a way I think that Alan Ball captured what Charlaine Harris was trying to convey but at the same time this recluse community is somewhat vital in the development of Jason's character. I just have a premonition that Crystal is going to die sooner than later with the way things are going.
I don't want to delve too much on the extras so here's a rough update: Jessica glamoured Hoyt so he can forget that she cheated on him; Andy is still addicted to V; Arlene is losing her mind because her kid (and Rene's) gives her the creeps; we can skip Sam and Tommy; Bill hooked up with Portia Bellefleur; Alcide is back with the rehabilitated Debbie Pelt.

That's it for now, til next week!

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