July 19, 2011

From Books to Graphic Novel

One of my favorite authors of all time, Anne Rice, just announced in her Facebook page that Interview with the Vampire will be adapted into a Graphic Novel. Graphic artist Ashley Marie Witter will be breathing new life into the characters. But according to reports, this adaptation will have a little bit of a twist from the book. This time around, Claudia will be narrating the story instead of Loius.

Claudia as drawn by Witter
Anne Rice, a self proclaimed lover of the art said that she doesn't mind that the Vampire Chronicles are being adapted into another medium and in fact she is excited about this one. In her interview with Publishers Weekly she said that Graphic Novels "have a freedom that is all their own to create an entire universe in detail fairly inexpensively, compared to a film."

"I am looking at the drawings, they have such wonderful detail in the costumes, and in my work costumes are almost like a character," said Rice. "They are part of the work, and they got that. What I look for in a movie or a book like this is the essence—baroque detail, sensuality, luxurious hair, faces that are intriguing and deep—and they got it here."

As for how far Anne's involvement in it's production, Witter shares that "it’s still fairly early on in the project to say. So far, I work from my home studio and pass everything to Yen Press. We go back and forth on some designs until we get something we agree upon, and then we’ll pass it along to Anne for her feedback. It will all come back to me, and then I’ll be able to move onto the next phase," in a recent interview also with Publishers Weekly.

Witter further added that "Anne’s characters are so well known that it was hard to breathe new life into them without deviating too far from the original source," so fans can relax a little easy that this version will stay true to the original.

The novel will be released next year, August 2012.

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  1. Really? I loved the books and the Lestat GN didn't really get much good reviews. I'm not into it but I'll be checking out the Interview with the vampire one, the illustrations are nice.


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