July 7, 2011

Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon


These hunters all have dark hair and pale eyes, they are sleep god/goddessess but they've been cursed by Zeus and stripped them from having emotions. Dream-Hunters can walk our dreams and even heal you from your painful memories or make you forget them. They hunt the Daimons that feed on human energy and/or terrorize our dreams.

Dream-Hunter (Arik  & Geady)
Geary is part Atlantean (what people from Atlantis are called) and all her life she’s been at ends with her father and his obsession with Atlantis. He died heartbroken and a drunk because he failed to find the fabled island. When he died, he left Geary artifacts that proved to her that Atlantis does exist and she made it her life’s purpose to find it and to redeem her father’s reputation.
Arik is a Dream-Hunter of the Erotikos Skotos kind and though it’s forbidden for him to latch to a single human being he couldn’t resist Geary’s dreams.  Devoid of any emotions due to Zeus’ curse, he finds Geary seductive and full of life. So he made a deal with Hades and asked him to make him human in exchange for Geary’s soul otherwise Arik will die and suffer in Tartarus.
This book is lamentable. First off the premise is mediocre at best; an immortal who wants to be human so he can screw the girl in real life because doing so in dreams just wasn’t enough. I mean SERIOUSLY?! I’ve enjoyed the previous Dark-Hunter books which made me look forward to this one but I’m disappointed to say the least.
And the heroine! OMG! For an anthropologist armed with a PhD she has low self-esteem and desperate.  I mean ok, you’ve been having erotic dreams about this guy and it’s very bizarre to discover that he’s real and it’s exciting and I get that. But the way he was translated into the real world is something short of a sleazy, oily, borderline pervert who gropes you in public and is very vocal and crass in telling you how he wants to devour your body. I mean it can be a turn on if it’s your boyfriend or hubby telling you this in some cases but a COMPLETE STRANGER?! No matter how dreamy the guy is I think I’ll think twice before I let this guy come near me and into my panties, regardless if I’ve had countless erotic dreams about him.
Even the Gods are unhinged! Apollymi The Destroyer, who even the Olympian Gods find daunting, whose chance of being liberated from her prison just fell through but she found it in her heart to let them go without repercussions. And Hades just let Arik go without consequence because Geary managed to get Persephone to side with her by smuggling her to the underworld so she can have a quick tryst with Hades. REALLY?!?!
I think every author has their moments with constant pressures and deadlines from their publishers but I think Kenyon’s editor should never have let this work be published without some major revisions. I can’t even think of one good thing that I liked about this volume and I usually just focus on the good parts, I can’t find any on this.
I’m hoping that the next one is a bit better before I totally drop of this part of the series.


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