July 30, 2011

Dead to the World

This is the reason why our favorite Southern Vampire Mysteries novel is the
4th one, Dead to the World. If you've read the book you'd understand why
the Witch War was just amazing beyond words.
I think it's the best one in the entire series, the fae war pales in comparison hands down.
I must say, Ms. Harris did a fine job with this one.

And although Mr. Alan Ball has something slightly different in mind
I'm glad that if anything, he amped up the events that will lead to the inevitable
confrontation between these Supernatural forces. Fiona Shaw is spectacular as the Head Witch, I'm still debating the point as to whether or not I hate or like her.
But her character is a godsend, without Marni we won't be seeing a lot of naked Eric.

Of course my favorite is still those steamy love scenes between Sookie and Eric. Even though in the 11th novel, Dead Reckoning, Charlaine Harris continues to jack up
these two love birds (poor Sookie), I'm still praying that their love for each other
will prevail. I'm such a romantic I know but there's no room left for anything else when
it comes to these two.

How could you not love them?



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