July 9, 2011

Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vampiric-like in the sense that they avoid the sun and have fangs. They do not feed on human blood although there are times when they crave for it. These hunters are soulless and are forbidden in the presence of other Greek Gods. Their goal is to protect the humans from Daimons. Should they betray their oath in protecting the innocent they will be turned into Shades. They hunt the Daimons who feed on human blood and souls.

Devil May Cry (Sin & Kat)

Kat is one of Artemis' handmaidens and her mission is to stop Sin from exacting his vengeance on Artemis. On this fated mission she'll discover certain truths about herself and her parentage and how far she'll go for the man she loves.

Together they battle the gallu demons, those invincible Sumerian demons that is the prologue to their version of the apocalypse; save Sin's brother and reclaim Sin's powers in the process.

And we're back in business.

This is what I'm talking about, the intrigue and the multi-layers of excitement that seems to be lacking on the
Dream-Hunter Series. This is the best book so far in the Dark-Hunter Series, it is full of revelations and the storyline live up to the reputation of the characters. I promise you that you'll even hate Artemis further and wish that Acheron will finally man up and order Simi to eat her. I must admit, the way Artemis is painted as the villain is fairly effective, she can really make you detest her existence. Although in a classical sense, she is a Maiden and righteous but in this series, she possess the typical characteristics of the Greek Olympians: petty, cruel, fickle and shrewd.

And the underlying story of Acheron continues to paint the background as is consistent with the previous books. However in this book he discovers that he has a child and how Artemis deceived him for eleven thousand years and hid her in plain sight. This part of the story is very intriguing and it just makes the reader wonder about what is going on in his head and how he can tolerate Artemis' childish ways. His storyline with Artemis is slowly building up and as a reader I wonder how the Goddess will deal with Acheron when he meets Tory (Book 15: Acheron).

This is the best book in the series so far. I found myself going back to paragraphs so I won't miss anything because it's plied with revelation after revelation. The dialogue is very witty and like the other Dark-Hunter novels, Kenyon doesn't dilly-dally on excessive descriptions and long platitudes. As always, I love her Dark-Hunter mythology, it's well thought out and she translated their stories beautifully.

The other Hunter stories are just icing on the cake because the real hero is Acheron and his involvemnt with Artemis is worth following. I'm curious to know how Sherrilyn Kenyon is going to conclude their relationship and what Acheron's role will be in the grand scheme of things; if and when Apollymis is finally released from her prison and how he'll deal with Artemis' manipulations in the end. I just think that some of her characters are skirting martyrdom which is a little uncharacteristic for warriors but the heroines are vibrant and hardly helpless armed with a quick wit and intelligent minds (girl power!). Overall I enjoy the series and will continue to do so and I'm glad to report that three more Dark-Hunter novels are scheduled to be released on 2013.


  1. hi Braine,

    So you've been to the Philippines? hope you liked it here. btw I read some of your posts about dark hunters and I'm really intrigued. will come back and read more! :)


  2. We are proud pinays girlie! Yeah it's a good series and there are others too. I highly recommend the Fever series by Moning.


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